Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 601 ~ Ruby & Noxx 2


“Ruby, you have no idea how much I love you, how much I need you. You have no idea how happy I am, I love you.” He let his hands run down her neck, his fingers lightly brushing over her skin. He kept himself tuned into her. Even though her breathing and heartbeat were fast, there was no distress coming from her and he allowed himself to get lost in her. She let out a little gasp when his hands found her breasts and he pressed a kiss to her lips. He lifted her and laid with her on the bed, a thrill of excitement running through him when she let out a little moan. “Do you want to touch me too, Ruby?” He asked softly.

“Yeah, if it won’t be too much.”

“I want you to, no, I need you to.”

“O…okay.” She let her hands slide under his shirt. He raised up, allowing her to push it off then pulled her tightly against him, causing her to blush at how excited he seemed.

“You’re so beautiful my love.”


She was already growing more comfortable, realizing Eliora had been right. Maybe it had also just been nerves to be this exposed to someone she loved. Noxx had responded so sweetly and it made her glad she had tried this. They laid together a few hours, talking to and caressing one another until they fell asleep. When she woke the next day Noxx was stroking her hair, he knew the moment she was conscious due to her heartbeat so he said “good morning sweetheart”

“good morning Noxx”

“are you still comfortable or do you want me to look away while you get dressed?”

“I’m still comfortable…is that why you’re not touching my skin” she sat up “yeah, you just mean the world to me. I don’t for a second want to be something you fear” he was looking into her eyes as he said those words. She leaned down and kissed him again “I want us to sleep like that every night” He caressed her cheek “you know…” he seemed so nervous as he continued “you’re eighteen…you could come live with me…I wouldn’t have any trouble controlling myself still Ruby. I’d only take what you give me” She could see how bad he wanted her to say yes and could even see the worry in his eyes that he may be asking too soon.

She began to speak and he said “you should answer me after this week is over okay? I want you to be sure of your choice, even if its yes right now I need you to be sure first”


“Alright.” She knew she could answer him now, that she wouldn’t change her mind if she did. She wanted to be with him always, but she would give him the week. She didn’t want him worrying the whole time. She snuggled back up to him and he let his fingers run up and down her back.

“Thank you for this, Ruby, for trusting me enough.”

“You’ve done nothing but support me and you’re so patient. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without you.”

They lay there together for a little while longer, Noxx savoring this moment with Ruby. When they finally made themselves get up, he couldn’t help but admire her, smiling when her skin flushed. She truly was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He hoped beyond hope that she would want to be with him forever, he needed her. Ruby grew less nervous as the week progressed, the way Noxx reacted to her giving her more confidence and courage. She knew that what she had said was true. Without him, she would have closed herself off from people forever, she wouldn’t have been able to leave the house or sleep at night. He had been such a driving force for her and she couldn’t thank him enough for it.


The day before her parents returned came and she decided after lunch they should talk about what he had asked her. She brought Noxx over to the couch and said “so, will you accept my answer now? I don’t want to wait until they are already here” he swallowed “yeah and I promise, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings if you say you aren’t ready for that yet Ruby”

“I am saying yes, I would love to come live with you. I trust you Noxx and in living together I think I can get braver faster about more intimate things between us. I want to tell my parents tomorrow and then maybe…do you think the pack would help us move right away?” His heart was tripping over itself in his chest “I’ll call Emrys right now”


Emrys was happy at the news and told Eliora who Noxx could hear congratulate them in the background. He let him know to call when they were ready and he would bring a few of the pack members to help out. “Have you asked her about changing?” Emrys asked before getting off the phone.

“I will, just not now.”

“Just know, that if and when she’s ready, we’ll be here.”

“I know, thank you.” He hung up and went back to Ruby who he lifted then sat back down on the couch, cradling her. “He said to call when you’re ready.”

“Just like that?”

“Of course, you know they love you and you’re my mate, which makes you part of the pack.” He let out a little sigh as he pressed their foreheads together. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you, for everything, for loving me, for being there every time I needed you.”

“I could be nowhere else.”

The next day, her parents weren’t surprised to hear she would be moving out, knowing she would be happy and safe with Noxx. They both hugged her tightly, letting her know to call if she ever needed anything and thanked Noxx for helping their little girl heal. They had a celebratory dinner and over the next couple of days, with the help of the wolves, packed and moved her things. Ruby was happy to be finally moving forward in her relationship with Noxx, knowing that together they could get through anything and looking forward to every moment they would have together.