Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 602 ~ Lievon & Amara


The second they were back at Chthons castle Lievon got Chthon alone so they could talk. “you made it clear you realize my feelings” Chthon interrupted "how you both feel. My Amara is interested in you too Lievon. “I know she’s the last thing I deserve Chthon”

“You only did what you did because your mother would have suffered the way Ruth did. You’ve always had a good heart, you panicked and made a mistake, a mistake I know you wouldn’t make again. I trust you, I know you’ll treat her well. I’m glad you came back into our lives Lievon. You were a good friend” Chthon gave him a brief hug and they returned to the others.

Lievon was at Amaras side instaly which made Chthon smile. Ruth kissed her mates cheek, knowing full well what just happened. Amara had found her other half and Ruth couldn’t be happier for her.

~ The End