Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 604: Aurelia & Rees 2


A few days later Aurelia seemed to laugh randomly “whats so funny?” Rees asked and she answered “I dont know it just seems so much easier and faster to make this journey now but I suppose I have a true sense of direction. I’m also not curiously exploring and I think any potential monsters are terrified of just your presence Rees”

‘dad is pretty scary if you don’t know him, heck, Brynmor is too. He’s just not as scary as dad’ Pretoria remarked and Brynmor added “yeah. I’ve scared plenty without even meaning to. Dad is purposefully putting out a dont fuck with my family vibe”

“Your mother doesn’t need any stress.” He picked her up again and she kissed his cheek, relaxing against him afterward. It didn’t bring Rees a lot of comfort when the next day Aurelia said “I’m no longer familiar with this place. I didn’t come this way” Brynmor was the quick voice of positivity for his father “but we’re still fine. Between us three nothing is going to touch mom”

“He’s right dad” Pretoria chimed in for more assurance. A few hours more and Rees heard jingling “bells” he whispered and everyone stopped. “It could just be another traveler” Aurelia whispered and Rees pulled her close. They walked slower, more carefully and just as Rees feared, an arrow zipped past them. Rees could tell they were poisoned tipped and before Rees could even say anything Pretoria had taken Aurelia and gone up the highest tree she could find. The boys could fight, Pretoria would make sure nothing happend to Aurelia or the baby. It was Brynmor that made the grim realization first that they were vampire hunters “dad, you’re not a monster, remember that. Don’t you dare go psycho on us. We kill only if we’re forced. We’re just knocking them out if we can okay dad…dad…you promise me. Moms up in the trees, she’ll see you”

Rees didn’t answer but he didn’t have much time to. The hunters were there, four of them “vampires, we werent even hunting right now. Weren’t there some females a second ago” Rees growled, fighting down his rage so he wouldn’t lose himself “we aren’t hurting anybody”

“you’re vampires”

“and you’re a racist asshole” The man pulled out a sword and moved to swing at Brynmor but Rees had him around the throat first. He wanted to crush his windpipe, he could do it in a second but he wasn’t a monster, he wouldn’t let them make him into one. He squeezed, wanting to make him pass out. Brynmor began keeping the others with him away from Rees until the hunter laid asleep on the ground. Three more were left and he noticed his son already had a wound from keeping the others at bay.


He had another man in his grasp before any of them could even blink, his fangs exposed, his energy sending a shock of fear through the man. He could see it in his eyes, that he knew he was looking death in the face. He threw the man into a tree, forcing himself not to use all of his strength so the hunter fell unconscious to the ground. He was too fast for them and he could see they knew it because they looked at each other, the need to retreat clear on their faces, but he refused to let them get away unpunished. One took a punch to the stomach and the last he pounced on, driving him to the ground and pinning him there.

“You are all murderers, I should rip you open, I should leave your meat for the animals.”

“No, please.”

He snarled. “You are lucky, lucky that my family is here, that my wife is present or I would rip you to shreds.” He drew closer and the man flinched. “I’m leaving you awake to tend to your vile little friends, let them know that I will not show mercy a second time.”

“I…I understand.”

“Brynmor, collect all of their weapons and stash them away, I wouldn’t want them getting any ideas.”

“Yes sir.” Brynmor replied and as he started picking weapons off the hunters, his sister dropped down with their mother.

Aurelia went to Rees, letting her hand rest on his shoulder. “You can let him go now, love, I don’t think he’s brave enough to do anything.”

Rees kept his eyes locked with the man’s as he slowly released his grasp and moved back to take Aurelia into his arms. The man didn’t even move to set up, to scared of the monster before him. “Are you tow alright?” Rees asked.

“Of course.”

“Brynmor was injured.”

Aurelia turned toward her son who waved her off. “I’m fine mom, it wasn’t that bad. It’s practically healed by now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m alright, I promise.”


They were soon off again, moving quickly to put some distant between them and those asshole hunters. Rees had been holding Aurelia and for at least today, she wasn’t going to ask that he put her down. She just occasionally kissed or caressed him to try and bring Rees some comfort. She knew before they left running into a group like that was his worst nightmare, a group like that had been the ones to kill her in her past life. That evening as they laid together Aurelia expressed “I’m so proud of the control you had Rees. I wish you didn’t still look so distressed but I understand”

“It was hard enough living without you the first time. I never want to go back to that…I cant do that again”

“You three are so watchful over me. I think I’m going to be completely safe the rest of my life”

“I’ll relax more tomorrow okay? I promise”

“I’ve had a lot of fun out here with you three” Rees pulled her close and soon she drifted to sleep. Rees just listened to her breath, almost scared to fall asleep until Pretoria whispered “dad, go to bed. We’re all okay. I’m sure even the new little one is okay”

“You should be sleeping too”

“I knew you’d have trouble so I’m up to kick your butt if I have to. Go to sleep, vampire hunting groups are much rarer now. It would be ridiculous odds for another to stumble upon us”

“alright…I know you’re right” He closed his eyes and soon managed to sleep as well, hoping that the rest of their journey was truly vampire hunter free.

~ The End