Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 605 ~ Alastor & Cyrino 3


“Its good they have you laughing Alastor” The voice was Fades. He had heard their voices and finally came out of the room with an obviously pregnant Eleri. She had a small bump but she was so fit any baby bump at all would be quickly noticeable. She smiled “I think they see for themselves” Fade looked so proud and happy “Eleri is pregnant with our first child”

“Thats amazing” Alastor said and Eleri shined a little brighter with her own happiness “it is, I can’t wait to be a mom” Warmth filled Cyrino. Seeing his parents was worth getting that news. He wished he could have kids with Alastor. He’d look on the bright side though. No kids meant Alastor was always his and his alone. They went into their living room and all sat down “do you need anything to drink?” Chreida asked “we’re okay” Alastor answered.


“So, what’s all of this about?” Cyrino had to ask and he could see Fade was curious as well.

“Patience little Cyrino.” His uncle said and he shot him a glare. Alastor took his hand, smiling lovingly at him.

He forced himself to wait for his mother to finally take a seat and noticed she took his father’s hand. It wasn’t that he had never seen them show affection, it was just the way she did it and the way he looked at her, like he was thankful. “So?” He questioned.

“We had made peace with the fact that neither of you would ever be coming back.” Kagnous said. “I mean we practically had to manhandle you home this time.”

“What’s changed? Why now?”

“About a month ago your mother and I went on a trip. We had planned to be gone for awhile, but we were attacked. They wanted your mother, to sell her.” Chredia frowned and he moved to wrap his arm around her. “It was bad, unlike anything I’ve ever faced. The group that attacked us were incredibly skilled.”

“Your father nearly died.” Chredia said.

“You didn’t have to say it so bluntly, Chredia.”

“He killed them, but he had lost so much blood and they had used poison and magic against him. I was wounded and I was sure I was going to lose him, but we got to your uncle’s and he survived. He has scars, but he’ll live.”

“It was pure rage that kept me on my feet, but when we got back, we all thought I wasn’t going to make it. That’s when I started thinking about you two.”


Both boys were blown away by how emotional their father looked. He couldn’t even continue, their mother did “we’re so sorry boys. We’ve always loved you but we didn’t truly see…we didn’t understand just how wrong we were in the way we raised you boys. You were right to leave us, to be different. We want to be better, to be a part of your lives. We’re begging you two to give us a chance to prove we can be different. I mean, look at your father…you have to see he is nowhere near the man you boys left behind”

Cyrino nor Fade really knew what to say. The room fell silent until Alastor nudged Cyrino. He just let words flow, still unsure how to begin. There was so much baggage in their past. “I’m glad you two lived…you weren’t raped were you mom?”

“No, your father made sure of that. He really has always loved all of us” Fade spoke now “I…I am willing to work on our relationship but when my child comes I wont be so patient with how you treat them”

“Thats understandable but we promise, we’re going to be good parents, better parents than we were” Cyrino now spoke “me too, I’m willing to work on things between us”


“It’s all we can ask of you.” Kagnous said.

“You could have told us uncle.” Cyrino said to Tenes.

“It wasn’t my place and they asked me no to.”

“That’s never stopped you before.”

Tenes shrugged. “I very nearly lost my brother, Cyrino, I think I owed it to him to keep my mouth shut. I’m just glad I didn’t have to resort to kidnapping Alastor and Eleri to get you two to come with me.”

“You wouldn’t.” Eleri said.

“He would.” Fade replied.

“I wouldn’t have hurt them, you know that.” He sighed and they all noted for the first time how tired he looked. “I’m truly happy you all came.”


“all three of you looks tired” Cyrino said to his parents and Uncle. Fade continued “it’ll be awkward but maybe we could all just sit here and talk until night comes” Their mother smiled “I’d like that. Please, tell me about you boys and your mates, whoever wants to go first” Awkward glances were exchanged a few times before Eleri began filling them in on her life with Fade. It still blew Kagnous’s mind how different his boys were from him. They had been raised much like other demon children but somehow, they had much warmer hearts. Alastor had thought of some things to say by the time Eleri took a pause and glanced their way. Chreida smiled, glad that they were talking and that her sons didn’t look as uncomfortable as she had expected.


When they finally went to bed that night after dinner, Alastor could see that Cyrino was in deep thought, still conflicted about everything he had heard and how much his parents had changed. “Cyrino?”

“Hmm?” His eyes met Alastor’s.

“Are you alright?”

Cyrino sighed as he pulled his mate into his arms. “Yeah, sorry, just thinking about everything. All of this was so unexpected.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I nearly lost him and the thought hurts. Even though he wasn’t the best father, for him to die…and the way he treats my mother now, the way they treat each other is so different. I’m just not used to any of this so I don’t quite know how I should feel.”

Alastor smiled as he took Cyrino’s face gently in his hands. “Just give it time.”

“I really love you, Alastor and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m the lucky one, without you I may not have made it. You saved me, you’re my hero.”


It meant the world that Alastor felt lucky to have him. As his Uncle had pointed out, they weren’t the most attractive demons. To have someone as good looking as Alastor was unbelievable to Cyrino. His brother had managed to find someone pretty as well that would actually take him. Cyrino drifted to sleep with his thoughts and the next morning he and Fade did their best to give their parents a real chance. Things actually went well and even Cyrino knew, that over time, they might actually have a close relationship like he had seen a few other demons manage to have with their families.

~ The End