Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 606 ~ Macon & Alosa 2


She wrapped her arms around him and he moved back, pulling her onto his lap and kissing her. She smiled against his lips and snuggled into him. “Find anything?”

“No toxins or anything like that. The pollen is completely safe, the water is drinkable, I even tested our clothes and my blood, no parasites, but I would like to test yours too if that’s okay.”

“Of course baby.”

“I also took some images of the surrounding area.” He reached over and typed a command into his keyboard so some photos were brought up. “It’s a beautiful place.”

“What’s that?”


She leaned forward and tapped one of the pictures so it took up the screen. “That light.” She ran her finger along the screen.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention, I set the outer cameras to auto. It’s only in a few of them, then gone.” He looked the image over. “An anomaly perhaps or maybe a beacon?”

“Beacon? You don’t think Beorthelm’s friend is in trouble do you?”

He shook his head. “No, it’s white, not red for distress. He may have set it up for himself, to help find his way back to a location. At least we can confirm he’s alive.” He gently grabbed her chin and lifted her head. “You’re so sweet my love, you’re going to be an amazing mother.”


“Yeah, I can’t wait.” He gave her another kiss. “Now, let me draw your blood so we can have breakfast and do some more exploring. I want to check for any animals that may be dangerous.”


She waited patiently for him to take the blood he needed then they both went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Alosa was excited to get out so she checked the fridge for any leftovers “Oh look Macon, we can have this” she pulled out what was left of the stew she had made then added “we need to eat it anyway or it’s going to go bad”

“okay, I’ll heat it up then” Alosa set the container down and soon pulled out a pot for them to pour it into to heat it on the stove. “You can get your blood test started while I do this Macon” He nodded and she hugged him “it was sweet of you though to volunteer” he chuckled “well you cooked it the first time”

“I know, I just know I’m lucky to have you. Not all men are as sweet and thoughtful as you”

“I love you so much Alosa”

“I love you too” Macon left and she turned the stove on. She was concerned it might not be enough by itself so she rummaged around, happy to find corn she could prepare as a side. It was about two hours later they were both outside of the ship and ready to search the area for animals. Alosa did her best to stay close to Macon so he wouldn’t get worried.


Alosa was excited when they finally found some tracks and Macon took the time to document them. They were about the size of the ones a mountain lion might leave, but he couldn’t tell if the creature was a predator. They followed them slowly, staying as quiet as possible. “I wonder if Beorthelm and his friend ever had to fight anything off.” Alosa said. “He said the incense was for predators.”

“I didn’t notice any scars from the skin I could see and he didn’t seem particularly scared of the environment.”

“What kind of animals do you think there are?”

“Well based on the woods, big cats maybe or some type of canid. He was cutting up fish, so either is a possibility.”

“Maybe space bears.”

He chuckled. “That would be very interesting my love, but hopefully we find something less dangerous.”


“that would be more than interesting. In all the places you’ve taken me I haven’t seen anything that resembled bears.” They found a large group of creatures that reminded Alosa of cats. They didn’t even seem to care they were around. “well they dont seem so dangerous. I guess he wants these away simply so they dont steal his food in the night”

“maybe, we can ask him more questions about the wildlife”

“this is all so cool Macon”

“I’m glad my impulsiveness did something positive”

“it has on many occasions.” He took her hand and smiled, filling with happiness. Everything felt perfect aside from her still being mortal. They stuck around the planet about a week before heading home to start looking into how to make her live forever. Jakoby didn’t know of a way to immortalize Alosa but he was more than eager to help figure out a way. He brought up the shifters “I know they exist and some kinds are able to change humans. Maybe I could pay one to do it. I have plenty of money”

Alosa was touched, it meant so much to her that both of them wanted her to live forever as badly as they did. She hoped they could manage it because she really never wanted to leave them either, besides, she also wanted to track down Beorthelm’s old friend.

~ The End