Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 607: Nelly & Peadair


Peadair’s leg had given out on him and it and every inch of him throbbed with pain. He gripped his leg, his eyes squeezed closed. “Peadair, tell me what you’re feeling.” Arrow ordered gently.

“Pain, everything hurts, especially my leg. It feels like…I don’t know like it’s twisted and everything feels battered, it hurts to breathe and move.” He raised his head, his eyes full of tears. “She’s hurt, Nelly’s seriously hurt.”

“You have to move past it Peadair, push through the pain so we can keep moving.”

He nodded. “Okay, I’m sorry.”

“I know how it feels to be brought to your knees by your mate’s pain, I’ve been there, so don’t apologize.”

Peadair nodded again and forced himself to stand. He took a deep breath, ignoring the worst of the pain. “Okay, I can keep going, I’m alright.”

Nelly jerked awake when she heard footsteps. She hadn’t even realized she had fallen asleep and she felt stupid for doing it, but she was so cold and exhausted and everything hurt. She was relieved when she saw not only Rydel, but two others, one who was helping him walk, the other was carrying a bag. “I brought some friends and supplies.” Rydel said, his words coming out strained as the young man helped him sit.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine, just tired.”

“Don’t die on me.”

He chuckled then winced. “Never in a million years, I’ll never be able to make up for this if I do.”


The two men helped Rydel remove his shirt then began tending to his wounds. Nelly needed to talk, she had to do something else than just exist in pain “who are these two? I didn’t see them on the train”

“these are actually friends of mine. We got tossed in a good spot, I mean, if we were going to fall out of the sky and get maimed like this it was a good spot” Nelly smiled “so you know where we are. Good”

“I realized as I was gathering things. I’m sorry it took me so long”

“You brought proper help, thank you”

“I’m Intevar Iligolor” The short white haired man said. He had grey eyes and she could have sworn she saw a tattoo going down one side of his face, traveling all the way down his neck, continuing under his clothes. The other man spoke. “and I’m Folwin Adfaren” He seemed rather tall, she hadn’t caught his eye color but his red hair was beautiful, falling past his shoulders. “I’m Nelly”

“He’s already told us about your kidnapping. Hopefully he’ll feel well enough soon to undo the magic thats keeping you from remembering your family” Once they were done with Rydel they moved over to help Nelly “you aren’t going to like us very much but we’re just trying to fix this.”

“I assumed it would hurt. It’s okay, I feel like I’m tough enough” Folwin smiled as he said “you are an incredibly tough woman. You come from a strong family.”

“I really want to remember them”

“you ready?”



Peadair’s leg once again threatened to buckle, but he stayed on his feet and his stomach twisted with the extreme amount of pain he suddenly felt. What was happening with his wife? Who was hurting her even more? “Did you hear me?” Killian asked.

“Sorry, what?”

“The magic is getting stronger and the scent is back. I think they stopped covering themselves.”

“Thank goodness.” Zaylee said. “I know she’s strong, but she’s still our baby and I couldn’t bear to lose her.”

“We won’t.” Arrow said. “How is she Peadair?”

“In a lot of pain, but she’s still alive and not scared. I hope that means she’s safe.”

“I’m sure she is.”

“I’m going to kick the shit out of whoever took her.” Jayson said.

“We have to keep a clear head, son, for your sister.”


Jayson sighed sharply “I’m sorry” His father had trained him better than to let his emotions take hold like this but this was his sister. It was harder than he imagined it would be in this situation. Nelly was such a good person. He knew whatever was happening to her wasn’t deserved in the slightest. He’d try to calm down though. Nelly lay there with damp eyes when they finished “you did pretty well just so you know.” Intevar remarked then Folwin added “yeah, I’ve seen big burly men react worse than you did.”

“Thank you so much for doing it” she dared to look at her leg “you really got it straight again”

“yes, please stay as still as possible though. We have it wrapped tight but we should give it a bit”

“My husbands so worried”

“Maybe he’ll find us then before we have to move you”

“Rydel says we’re really far from where I’m from”

“when it comes to their loved ones you’d be surprised how resourceful beings can become” Folwin looked over at Rydel “how’re you feeling buddy?”

“Much better”

“you think you could give her her memories back yet? I think she’d feel a lot better if she knew the people that were looking for her” He got up and walked over to her “yeah, I think I can. That stuff you make works even better than the last time you had me drink it”

“I’m always trying to improve it” Folwin looked down at Nelly “I’m going to give you some too once you’re sitting up. It’ll make you feel amazing”

“relax for me okay Nelly”

“Okay” Rydel put his hands on her head. She half expected some chant or to feel some intense magic but there was nothing but silence. Everything came rushing back like the flood gates had been opened and it was a little overwhelming at first “stay clam Nelly” Intevar said gently so she tried soon finding herself crying again “Oh my god” Rydel opened his eyes “I’m sorry”

“Oh my god” Nelly said again. Shame washed over Rydel again as he saw the emotion of missing her family hit her. She could picture them all now, could remember the amazing day she was having with her husband when he ruined it.


“I understand if you can never forgive me, Nelly, what I did…”

She reached out and grabbed his hand, giving it a squeeze. “It’s okay, I’m not upset at you, I don’t blame you.”


“I can see you didn’t want to do what you did, if you were like them, you wouldn’t have even bothered helping me, you wouldn’t have lied about my daughter. I forgive you okay?”

He nodded. “Okay.” It didn’t ease the ache in his heart and he hoped her loved ones were equally as forgiving. If not, he would understand. She let him go and he went and sat back down.

“I’m so glad Peadair is still alive, that he’s safe. He’s worried though and scared, but I know he’s coming for me.”

Rydel nodded then turned his attention to his friends. “You two should try and find other survivors.”

“Not until you’re both safe.” Folwin replied.


Intevar added “yeah, you two are in bad shape. They might be too but you’re one of our best friends Rydel. Once you two are sorted we’ll search around and help any confused beings”

“you need me to fix them though” Rydel protested and Nelly added “my family is coming. It might help for us not to be moving around all the time. If you want us resting for now anyway would you please look for some of the others. They must be so scared” The two men seemed to think a few moments before Folwin sighed “alright but we need you to drink what we gave him. Rydel knows how to use everything in our bag should you two need it” They helped Nelly sit up and had her down the medicine before helping her lay back down “what’re you two going to do if the men Rydel was working for find you?”

“we’ll figure it out” They still didn’t seem to want to leave them so Nelly pushed “They could all be just as seriously hurt. They’d bleed out and die before you came back. I’d like to know we at least tried to help them too. I’ll be fine, I remember all my training now. Even this hurt I’ll make it work and Rydel is in fairly good shape”

“we’ll be back tomorrow. There’s really no telling how many train cars fell off and where so we dont want to potentially waste time and leave you two without able bodies people to defend you.” She could tell they wouldn’t budge on their time line so she just thanked them. “you have good friends”


“does my daughter know them too?”

“No, I’ve done my best to not get her too tangled into my life.”

“we have all the time we could want to talk Rydel. Do you feel like telling me why you had to help those awful men?”

“I guess I do have to talk to you sometime”

“I’m not going to judge you Rydel.”

“My friends were using tact when they asked what were we going to do if those men found us. If you weren’t here they would have said what’re you going to do if your family catches up to you. I’m related to them”

“I figured as much since you share abilities”

“My gift with it was always stronger and it was realized pretty quick within the family how magnified it was in me.”

“so they started using you when you were little didn’t they?”

“Yeah but when I became a teenager I started to realize that my family…well…that we weren’t good elves. I should have never helped them again when I realized but”

“it’s not so easy to go against your family”

“yeah but…well” she could tell how embarrassed he felt “then I met Fionni and…I’ve never wanted to be better more than when I met her so I set my mind to I was done, I wouldn’t be helping them atall but turns out my family is worse than I even realized. My parents were willing to let me go, to free me from the family work but when my cousins found out they were furious since my abilities are so much stronger than the rest of theirs, They worked the rest of the family up, reminding them of how much more profit they’ve been making since I started helping and…I dont know what they’ve done with my mom and dad. They let me see videos of them…especially when they’re mad at me…they show me them getting punished. Aren’t I still a monster if I turn my back on my parents in order to not do bad things any more?”


“They are the real monsters here Rydel, they pushed you into a corner so you had no choice but to go through with what they were doing. No one is going to blame you and I’ll make sure my family understands. You were just trying to be a good son.”

Rydel’s eyes burned with tears, but he wasn’t going to cry in front of Nelly. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

“Just focus on healing, okay?” He nodded and she had to ask. “So, you like my daughter then?”

He gave her a little smile. “I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t. She’s everything someone could ever want and everything I don’t deserve. She’s perfect and beautiful and I’m an idiot.”

“No you’re not and once my family gets here, I’ll ask my mom and dad to save your parents then you can start over, you can live the life you want without people using you.”


It sounded too good to be true but Rydel dared to hope it was. The next day Intevar & Folwin came back with only one woman. “she is the only one we found still living”

“she doesn’t even look hurt” Nelly said in shock “she’s essentially indestructible. She was wanted to fight for entertainment purposes. They were going to put her against all kinds of animals and creatures” she was still so out of it she wasn’t even reacting to what they were saying. “Hey, Thessalia” Rydel tried and she actually looked at him “come here” she just stared “that’s your name, Thessalia. I’m going to help you remember” she walked over to him and he stood, putting his hand on her head much like he had done to Nelly and before any of them could register what was going on she punched him. He sighed “I’m sorry”

“where’s my baby?!”

“we left her on your moms doorstep. She’s fine, I promise. Babies are too much hassle for my family. Your mom has her, I swear”

“where am I?”

“In the Chaos wood” Her spirits seemed to rise. “I’ve been here before” she exclaimed before taking off, leaving them all behind."

“are you okay Rydel?”


“should we chase her?”

“she’ll be fine. Besides, she wouldn’t want to stay in our group”

“I’m so glad a baby wasnt on that train” Intevar now spoke “we should get going. I’ll carry Nelly, Rydel, if you need to, lean on Folwin.” They began moving as soon as Intevar had Nelly in his arms. Rydel lead, his mind busy with what Fionni was going to think of him once she knew what kind of man he had been all his life. That the man that made her laugh ruined so many others lives.

They were about two days into the journey when they heard someone coming and hid. Nelly called out with excitement when she noticed her brother Olynn and soon her parents and bets of all, her husband right behind them. She wanted to run but she had just tried to stand yesterday and that had gone horribly. They came out from their hiding spot and walked over to her equally excited family.


Peadair was the first to his wife, his relief and love washing over her the moment he laid eyes on her. He gathered into his arms, his lips pressing against hers as he cried. “Nelly, you’re okay, I’m so sorry, so, so sorry.”

“Shh, it’s okay, I’m okay.” She hugged herself tightly to him.

It was hard for him to let her go long enough for her to hug everyone else and he had her back in his arms as soon as she was done. She then began to explain who they were and Peadair felt anger bubble to the surface when she told them what part Rydel had played. “Peadair, love, it’s not his fault.” She said softly as she made him look into her eyes. “He helped me, he kept our daughter safe. He could have left me at any time, he could have hurt me, but he saved me instead, even after being injured. He’s not a bad man, he was forced into this.”

“Nelly…it’s…I could have lost you.” His voice cracked.

“I know, but he had no choice. They hurt his parents when he wouldn’t listen, so please, forgive him.”

Peadair nodded. “Alright, I will, for you.”

“Thank you.” She looked to her parents. “Do you think you could save his parents?”

“Just tell me where they are.” Arrow said and Zaylee couldn’t help but crack a smile. Her husband was so ferocious, especially when one of his babies had been hurt.


“I wish I knew, I’ve tried figuring it out but I can’t. I still have videos of them. Maybe you can see things in the background I didn’t.”

“Maybe some of those men on the train are still living. Nothing would please me more than questioning them” Arrow looked over at Peadair “I’d rather you take my daughter home. She needs to heal” Arrow looked at Nelly now “Please, We can all handle this. You have more than enough brothers here with your mother and I. I also swear I wont turn on Rydel and on top of that I’ll make sure he has somewhere to go and all that. If need be I’ll just bring him home and put him in the guard to give him a more honest way of life”

“Thank you dad”

“You’ll go home and let that leg heal properly?” She could see how much her father wanted to demand it. “Okay, I’ll let Peadair take me home. I want to see my daughter anyway. Besides, she’s going to panic if she comes home and can’t find any of the family” Arrow walked over and kissed his daughters head “I love you so much”

“Hopefully I wont be worrying you all again anytime soon” Peadiar barely rested on the journey home. He had felt how bad this break was and he didn’t want something happening to get her in worse condition. Plus, she was absolutely right. Their daughter would be back soon if she wasn’t sitting home alone already. When they arrived he walked the house, seaching for any signs of their daughter “Hm, not home”

“dont let what happened to us worry you. I bet you if we check the mail she wrote”

“where would you like to sit while I check it?”

“our bed is fine. You need to rest too” He carried her to their room then went out to their mailbox, relief rushing through Peadair when he saw a letter from their daughter. He opened it there.

"I hope this doesn’t come too long after I was supposed to make it home! I’m having so much fun and I’d really like to stay longer. I’ll write you often so you know I’m safe. You can also expect pictures so you can see I’m safe. She drew a face with a tongue sticking out of it which made Peadair smile. He looked at the picture and sighed, happy to now know both his little girl and wife were safe. Tomorrow he planned to write Fionni back and hoped she stuck to her word of writing often. She was nineteen, an adult but it didn’t feel like it. He wondered if it ever would. Everytime he looked at her he saw a little girl and wanted nothing more than to keep her home where he could protect her.

Once inside he showed the letter and picture to Nelly “Oh I’m so glad to see her. Even this way. What if she moves there Peadair”

“I guess we’ll have to follow her” Nelly laughed “I was kidding, she’ll come home eventually”

“dont tease me Nelly” she smiled at him and he laid down, pulling her into his arms “how did she grow up so fast Nelly. She shouldn’t be an adult already”

“But she is and she’s amazing. I love knowing her as an adult too. She’s everything I hoped she’d grow into”

“yeah” They just talked until sleep drug them into a peacful rest, still tangled in eachothers warmth.

~ The End ~