Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 608 ~ Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy 3


Lachlan and Teague left Kennedy, feeling secure in the fact he was safe. Lachlan took the wheel while Teague searched jewelry stores. 'Lets start with this one and work our way out." Lachlan glanced at the phone “looks like theres a good amount around here”

“Jewelry sells well even in the smallest of towns” They looked closely at teh bands in the first store but none really stood out so they went on to the second they wanted to look at, managing to find something amazing.


They bought three and happily started driving back home. They didn’t bring the bag in since they didn’t want to show Kennedy just yet and they were scared they might forget the rings here if they hid them inside. The three ended up staying with Thomas and Jasmine a few more days before heading home “we’ll visit soon” Thomas said as he was helping them get their bags back in the car “thank you so much”

“The least I could do was help you. I wish my kindness to the being that turned you ended up better”

“It’s not your fault. I really enjoyed getting to know you. Did we give you our address?”

“Teague did” The trip home flew by with the three of them talking about the new vampires they were friends with and the final decisions for Kennedys tattoo. “I want to get it done tomorrow” Kennedy said as they walked in the house. “Then I guess we better take care of our own surprise tonight then” Lachlan said, glancing at Teague who nodded “wheres the bag?”

“still in the glovebox. I’ll go grab it” Lachlan ran back out. Kennedy smiled, wondering what they had in store. Lachlan came back in, slipping Teague something Kennedy couldn’t see. He didn’t have to wait long to know what it was since Lachlan opened his other hand to show Kennedy his own ring “we bought us rings and we hope you like them. The tattoo idea just meant so much to us, you mean so much to us. It inspired Teague and I to get the three of us rings so everyone who sees us knows we belong to one another” Kennedy pulled them both into a hug and once they parted Lachlan slipped it on Kennedy. Kennedy looked at it smiling “It’s perfect”

“you’re perfect” Lachlan said then Teague added “thanks for being such an amazing mate and putting up with us.”

“I’m definitely not putting up with anything” Kennedy said a little emotionally.

~ The End