Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 616 ~ Seker & Themis


“so you don’t mind me taking time off to be with Themis for awhile?”

“of course not, there are plenty of assassins working here. If I really need you I’ll let you know so don’t worry” Seker hugged Bialear which caused him to smile "you mustn’t leave right away though, eat with us, allow us to know these two as well. They agreed to stay for lunch which turned out amusing for Themis. Taenya was definitely attracted to Bialear and he could tell the feeling was mutual. He was tempted to tease but he didn’t want to rush anything and ruin something potentially good. They were adults and could handle that themselves. They may have hungout longer but Bialear was eager to deal with Alcyoneus so they said their goodbyes and parted ways right after lunch.


“Your master was very unexpected.” Themis said once they were home.

She laughed, the sound causing his heart to stutter. “He was a berserker before he was an assassin. He cut his way through bandits and soldiers, even fought a dragon once.”

“And why choose to be an assassin?” He took her hand, just wanting to be connected to her as they wandered around his home.

“Because he realized that he was really good at being sneaky.”

“How so?”

“No one suspects the big guy who sticks out.”

He chuckled. “I see. By sticking out, he blends in. Impressive.” He brought her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. “And what about you? Why do you do it?”

“Because I’m good at it and generally, I go after people who deserve it. Bialear says that our jobs may be unsavory, but we’re needed.”

“He’s right. There are things that the city guard can’t do.” He smiled. “And Taenya was quite taken with him. I’ve never seen her like that. I think he actually embarrassed her.”

“The old man’s a good guy and honestly, Taenya is perfect for him.”

Themis pulled her to a stop and wrapped his arms around her. “And what about me, am I perfect for you?”

Seker couldn’t help but smile at how unsure he sounded. It amazed her how he could be so confident and also be so unsure. “You are, I love you.”

Themis leaned down, his eyes adoring. “And I love you my beautiful little assassin.” He pressed a kiss to her lips and Seker sank into his warmth, truly looking forward to life with him.