Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 629 ~ Malcolm & Shaw 2

Malcolm stood just off stage, absolutely captivated by Shaw as he played his cello. He was as beautiful as ever, eccentrically dressed as he pulled the audience into the music. He smiled and couldn’t help the little sigh that slipped past his lips. The song ended and the audience was silent for a moment, as if they hadn’t realized he had stopped playing at first. Then they erupted into applause and Shaw stood, giving a bow. He then turned and looked at Malcolm smiling and gesturing for him to come out. Malcolm shook his head and Shaw propped his cello up and came for him. “Come on, I want them to see the mastermind behind the piece.”

“No way, that’s all you.”


It was impossible to tell him no. “Alright.”

Shaw took his hand and pulled him back on stage, showing him off much to Malcolm’s embarrassment. Once they had soaked up the applause and praise, Shaw retrieved his cello and they headed backstage so Shaw could get changed. “So? Any good?” Shaw asked with a big smile.

“Are you serious? You hear them right?”

“I asked what you thought.”

“It was amazing, magical.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

They headed into the dressing room and Shaw immediately started changing, causing Malcolm to blush. “So…so what now?”

Shaw shrugged. “Well, I’m done for now, my next scheduled concert isn’t for awhile.”


“Why don’t you come stay at my place for awhile.”

“Your place?”

“You don’t want to?”

“I didn’t say that, I love spending time with you.” Shaw chuckled and Malcolm’s heart stuttered in his chest. “You know what I mean.”

“I do and I want to spend time with you. I’ve been so busy with this tour and even though I was happy to have you with me, I slept most of the time when I wasn’t playing. We didn’t really have any time to just hang out.” The truth was he wanted Malcolm to himself for awhile without interruption to tell him how much he loved him.


“Okay, I’ll come stay a bit” Shaw smiled, his whole body warming. It had finally been long enough that Malcolm wouldn’t think he was a rebound and things were already going so perfectly. If Shaw wasn’t a romantic he might have even told him right in this moment how much he loved him but he had a plan and he’d stick to it, especially since the waiting was so close to over. Since they had been touring there was no need for Malcolm to make a bag for the visit. They went straight to Malcolms after that final performance and settled in.

Shaw let out a yawn when they finally made it to his place and he stretched before getting out. “You should rest when we get inside.” Malcolm said.

“I’m fine, let’s watch a movie or something.”

“Don’t you want to relax?”

Shaw chuckled. “I do my best relaxing when you’re around.”

Malcolm blushed. “Really?”

“Yeah, so come on.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

“It’s why I always make sure my tours end here.”

Malcolm knew he probably sounded like he was nagging, but he worried about Shaw overworking himself. He followed him in and they both showered and changed before settling down in the living room. Shaw picked a movie he had seen a few times, more interested in spending time with Malcolm than actually watching.

The two discussed the movie here and there as it went on which Shaw was glad for but the movie ended much too fast for his liking. He knew it was silly to feel that way, Malcolm would still be here in the morning and they had just done a tour together so it was easy to hide the disappointment when Malcolm headed to the guest room. In bed Shaw looked up recipes so they could have a nice breakfast. If he was still awake in a few hours he’d go tonight to get what he needed so he could cook for Malcolm as soon as they woke up. He decided to go for something challenging, he loved the look of surprise on Malcolms face afterall. The muffins he was going to try to bake in the morning were Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins with Pistachio Strudel.

Shaw was actually happy when he still hadn’t fallen asleep and got up quietly, pulled his shoes on and left the house. He was relieved that his car didn’t wake Malcolm. He knew it wasn’t loud, but it was extremely quiet tonight. He went to the closest supermarket and pulled up the recipe on his phone. He hummed one of the songs Malcolm had written for him as he shopped, smiling as he thought of how surprised he would be. Malcolm tended to fuss over him and take care of him, he wanted to give something back. He also tried thinking of a way he could tell Malcolm he loved him. He knew he could just come out and say it, but there was a part of him that wanted to string it out and tease him.

Once he was sure he had everything, he went and checked out, smiling at the woman behind the counter who stared at him open mouthed for a moment. “Good evening.” He said and she blushed.

“Sorry, but you’re…”

“Yes ma’am, it’s very nice to meet you.”

“Sorry.” She quickly scanned his items and he paid. He would usually take a few moments to speak to a fan, but he really wanted to get home. He didn’t want Malcolm to wake and find him gone.

“Thank you very much, Calli.”

Shaw made it home quickly then put the ingredients he had bought away before heading back to his bedroom. He set an alarm then allowed himself to fall asleep for the remainder of the night. He felt surprisingly rested in the morning but he guessed that had more to do with how happy he was than anything else. Normally after a tour all he wanted to do was sleep for the next week but he couldn’t be more eager to spend the day with Malcolm and cook him this surprise breakfast.

He was humming again as he prepared it, lost in his thoughts until Malcolm caught his eye “Oh, good morning”

“you’re making breakfast?”

“Yep and I’m not telling you what it is until it’s done. If you want to make coffee though I haven’t started that yet”

“I expected you’d be dead asleep until lunch” Shaw shrugged “I’m glad I can still surprise you”

As Malcolm put coffee on, he did his best to guess what Shaw might be making. He recognized the ingredients, but didn’t know how they would go together. “You’re getting too curious, Malcolm.”

“Hmm?” He raised his head, a blush tinting his cheeks. He hadn’t realized he had moved so close. “Oh, sorry.”

Shaw chuckled. “I don’t mind, but this knife is sharp.”

“Do you need any other help?”

Shaw shook his head. “You can relax.”

“But I just got up.”

“And I want to make you something special, so go on.”

“Maybe I’ll work on some more music. I was thinking of maybe adding something more romantic sounding to your next tour. I think people would enjoy it.”

“Romantic huh?”

“Yeah and it would really add to your persona.”

“If you give me a moment, we can work on it together.”

“Really?” Malcolm’s heart stuttered in his chest.

“yeah, I especially enjoy the songs we’ve worked on together. I tend to think back on us working on them while I’m playing it” Malcolm turned just a bit pinker and Shaw had to fight against his facial muscles so he wouldn’t smile any bigger. He loved dropping that little hint, it only made it better it got to him. Malcolm truly was impossibly adorable. Shaw counted himself lucky he hadn’t completely missed the chance to spend his life with him. He had made a terrible mistake getting married to someone else. especially going through with it after Malcolm expressed his feelings but here he was, in his home and having breakfast with him and he’d never let himself take this mans existence for granted again.

Malcolm wasn’t sure what to do with himself since Shaw wanted to help him with the music so he simply sat down and enjoyed his coffee. Relaxing wasnt something he was good at but he knew it was good for him. Besides, Shaws coffee was amazing. Malcolm came close to buying the same kind now and then but he just had a hard time paying for coffee this expensive. He was financially capable but it was just one of those things he couldn’t get himself to do.

Folgers tasted good enough for him when he was home. Malcolm was nearly ready for his second cup when Shaw slid their breakfast into the oven “now, lets get to making music” Shaw suggested as he pulled out his own cup. "come here’ Shaw beckoned after filling his since he could see how low Malcolms was.

Malcolm hated how red he knew he was. Every time he spent time with Shaw, he found himself blushing from head to toe. Even though Shaw knew how he felt, he wished he could stop his skin from betraying his emotions. They went down to the entertainment room, Shaw making sure to set a timer on his phone so he wouldn’t burn their breakfast. Malcolm loved spending time with Shaw downstairs, especially since he had had it built with everything from recording equipment to a home theater and even a lounge area where they could play games and write.

“So, should we put something on to get some idea of the kind of romance we want to portray or would you just like to wing it?” Shaw asked as they settled on one of the couches.

“Well, I mean I have a sort of idea.”


“Yeah, um, I was thinking maybe a chase of some kind or something.”

“That sounds interesting. I think it would play out very well.”

They discussed it and even managed to start writing out some of the notes on paper. The phones alarm going off was almost jarring but Shaw was excited, hoping it turned out as perfectly as he’d hoped. “those smell amazing, what are they?”

“Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins with Pistachio Strudel.” Malcolm looked confused and surprised “I had no idea you cooked like this”

“I’m new at it, I wanted to do something special for you…to thank you for agreeing to stay here awhile” Malcolm blushed again, his heart tripping over itself. Shaw gave him two on a plate and Malcolm couldn’t believe how good they were “you did amazing” Shaw tried it too, feeling the time had been a bit long but he did like them alot. Next time he decided he’d shave off a minute or two. Between the two of them they emptied the coffee pot but instead of making more they decided to be kind to their bodies and drink water for awhile.

“Want to keep working?” Shaw asked. “Maybe we can get the first part of it done and I can play it for you.”


They headed back down and started again, Malcolm’s heart beating quickly in his chest as they wrote. He hoped Shaw didn’t realize he was putting his own feelings into the song. He was always trying to express himself to Shaw through their music. It was easier and less embarrassing that way. When they had finished the first verse, Shaw called for a break so he could play it out and see how it sounded. He retrieved his cello and sat down across from Malcolm. “Ready?”


Shaw let his bow slide over the strings and Malcolm’s heart leaped in his chest. He loved that he could feel Shaw’s emotions through the music, the passion he put into every note, like he lived and breathed it. He felt himself blush when Shaw’s eyes settled on him and he was unable to look away from him. Malcolm was so enraptured that he didn’t even realize the music had ended until Shaw chuckled. “So? Any good?”

“Huh? Oh…yeah, that was amazing as always.”

“I like it too” after a short pause Shaw said with a grin “But I don’t want your whole stay to be us working together. Why don’t we play some video games or watch another movie together”

“Video games would be fun”

“I just bought Viola”


“It’s a musically themed platformer. It was cheap and seemed like something I’d enjoy. We could take turns and then maybe play some smash brothers when we get tired of it” This wouldn’t be romantic but he guessed he had already done enough flirting for today if he was going to drag this out. Shaw got everything going with his steam link and computer so they could play Viola on his television. Once it was ready he gave Malcolm the controller first and sat close to him, unable to resist.

He found himself craving more contact as he sat there watching and eventually moved his hand to Malcolms knee, enjoying the reactions that followed. Malcolm didn’t actually say anything so Shaw left it there, adoring even more that it started effecting his game play. He was doing so well and now he was a mess.

Malcolm tried to force himself to focus on the game, but couldn’t help but be distracted. Why was Shaw touching him like that? Was he just trying to distract him? Was he just playing around? It didn’t help when Shaw’s thumb started to brush back and forth over his knee and Malcolm was surprised and embarrassed when he actually died. “I…I died.” He looked at Shaw. “You did that on purpose.”

“Did what?”

Malcolm glanced down at his knee. “Um…well…you were touching me and it was hard to focus.”

“I hardly did anything.”


“I could be more distracting if you wish.”

“No…I mean…your turn.” He held out the controller.

Shaw took it happily, this was also a comforting reminder that Malcolm still had feelings for him, that he hadn’t waited so long he had missed his chance. Malcolm was everything he could want, someone he could definitely see himself being happy with forever. They went back and forth for a few deaths, Shaw being much more well behaved. It was getting to be lunch but neither of them were hungry yet so they went ahead and set up for super smash brothers. They wound up laughing together when they werent smack talking during the game.

“Are you sure you’re not cheating?” Malcolm asked when they finally got hungry enough to put the controllers down.

“I’m just that amazing.” Shaw said with a chuckle.

“I guess I should practice more.” It hadn’t helped Shaw was still sitting so close and kept brushing against him. His skin was burning up and his heart was thundering in his chest as they headed upstairs.

“Why don’t we go out for lunch, I’ll get you whatever you want.”

“You don’t have to do that?”

“Come on, let me spoil you.” He took Malcolm’s hands in his, grinning at his blush. “I mean you’ve done so much for me, you deserve it.”

Shaw tugged Malcolm out of the house and into his car. He was taking him somewhere nice and he decided during the ride he’d take him somewhere you had to get a reservation for before this visit was over. “Italian or seafood? Those are the only two options you have in where we go”

“you’re about to spend way too much money again on me aren’t you?” Malcolm asked and Shaw chuckled “I could never spend too much money on you…your time is worth more than you know” Malcolms heart stuttered again and he was starting to wonder what had gotten into Shaw. He was a flirt but not normally this intense. He hoped nothing was wrong, he could possibly be overcompensating for bad news he had to deliver in the near future. The thought terrified him so much he forgot to answer so Shaw prompted again “Italian or seafood?”

“Seafood sounds fine.”

“I know a really good sushi place, you’ll love it.”

“I can’t wait.”

Shaw swore he heard a bit of worry in his voice. Was he really so opposed to being spoiled or was it something else? “We don’t have to go.”

“I want to, I promise, surprise me.”

The place was called Katana and Malcolm could tell right away that it was going to be expensive. He wasn’t surprised when the staff recognized Shaw. It wasn’t just his fame, but the way he treated people. He was always ready to talk or sign an autograph or even give advice. “Shaw, same table?” The hostess asked.

“Yes please, for two this time.”

The woman’s eyes moved to Malcolm. “I see, he’s the one who always ends your shows with you.”

“This is Malcolm.” Shaw draped an arm over Malcolm’s shoulders. “He’s the genius behind some of my songs.”

“Shaw, come on.”

“It’s true, you’re amazing.”

She giggled. “Well, then I hope you keep him forever so I can hear more of his music.”

“Absolutely, I wouldn’t let him go for the world.”

As soon as they were seated she took their drink orders and left them to look over their menus. There weren’t prices, this was definitely a ridiculously expensive restaurant. He could tell how much Shaw wanted to do this for him though so he decided to be grateful instead of making it weird. Besides, at least his words to the waitress erased any worry it was a problem between the two of them. By the time the drinks came they already knew what they wanted. Shaw had known before he came in and Malcolm was normally pretty quick to decide on things.

“Malcolm, get and try whatever you want, price is not a factor here and I can have anything you don’t eat boxed up.”

“Are you really sure?”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Okay.” He went ahead and closed his menu and when their waiter came by he let Shaw order first.

“Oh and some of your apple sake.”

“Of course.” The man wrote it down then turned to Malcolm who opened his menu and pointed to a couple of things. “We can make that one spicy if you like.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“Alright then and if you two need anything, don’t be afraid to wave me down.” He took their menus and went to get their sake.

“I’ve never had apple sake before.” Malcolm said.

“It’s delicious, you’ll love it. It’s sweet like you.”

Malcolm blushed. “I’m not that sweet.”

“I disagree, especially with the way you tend to fuss over me.”

“Well, you work hard and I…” He stopped himself from saying he loved him. Shaw already knew and he didn’t want to push it. “I just don’t want you to overwork yourself.”