Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 631 ~ Bialaer & Taenya

“I was expecting Seker.” Bialaer said as he stood at the entrance to the assassin’s hideout.

“She asked me to give you this.” Taenya held out a letter and he took it and pulled it open, his eyes warming as he read it.

“Is she really?”

She nodded. “Yeah, so she asked me to come in her stead.”

Bialaer arched and eyebrow. “You’re not an assassin, Taenya. I can handle this one.”

“Then take me with you. I’m good in a fight, I can watch your back.”

He leaned down, causing her cheeks to flush and heart to stutter. He had such a shocking effect on her. “My back huh?”

“Yeah, just in case.”

He chuckled. “Alright, since Seker suggested it, I’ll let you come. You’ll have to follow my lead though. Bad assassins get punished.” He loved how red her face became, how almost shy and embarrassed she was when she was around him. He was looking forward to being alone with her.

“I understand, no punching people.”


As he began to get ready he asked “do you know why she waited to tell me?”

“She and Seker really are busy all the time and of course when they don’t have a meeting or somewhere to be Themis is fussing over her and trying to get her to rest. She’s getting big fast”

“That happens with triplets. I can’t believe she’s having triplets her very first go round…poor girl”

“If all they want is three it will really be a blessing when you think about she’ll only have to go through giving birth one time. Yeah she’ll have to push them all out but atleast once it’s over it’s over for good. I’ve seen many women give birth and it’s miserable all the way through”

“it’s too early to know genders?”

“They don’t want to know”

He grunted. “Getting a gift is going to be hard then. A dagger is unisex.”

“You can’t give a baby a knife, Bialaer.”

“Jayla has hounds, fierce beasts, but they make the best puppies. Perhaps one of those. Every child needs a pet.” Taenya moved to look at what he was packing. “Poison.” He said as he showed her a vial full of brown liquid. “The antidote just in case.” He showed her the other vial. “And this, is blinding powder. If you need to use it, remember to wash your hands before rubbing your eyes. It’ll make you feel like your eyeballs are melting out of your face. Only in emergencies though.” He then pulled out a rolled up cloth. “Lock picks, all assassins carry a set.” He also grabbed his ax and slung it over his back. She couldn’t help, but admire him. The weapon really brought it all together. He looked like some mythical God of war when he carried it. He then went over to his chest of drawers and grabbed some clothes. “Do you have everything you need?”

“As far as I know.”

He looked her over. “Come with me.” Taenya followed him into another room where they kept their weapons and he grabbed a pair of fingerless gloves. “I know you have a pair, but these are better.” He also grabbed a cloak. “In case it rains or gets cold.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”



She wasn’t a woman who needed protecting so he wasn’t going to argue with her. He had just wanted to make sure she was ready before the journey began. It honestly would have been a major disappointment if she had said no. He had always felt and seen the chemistry between them but they hadn’t yet spent a lot of time alone together. This job would allow him to get to know her better, to really see if they were compatible and of course, would allow him to tease her because he very much loved her reactions to him.

He watched as Taenya switched her gloves and put away the cloak then did one finally check t be sure they were ready “alright Taenya, lets go” he said with a charming smile which made her heart skip a beat. It truly wasn’t fair this hold he had on her but she also was looking forward to this. Not even just because she was getting some time with him but she had been craving excitement and this would definitely be exciting.

She hadn’t had an adrenaline rush since the days Themis had to worry about assassins and as much as she didn’t want war or her loved ones to be in danger, she needed some fear and danger in her life every now and then. It helped Taenya feel alive.

“So where are we going?” Taenya asked.

“Vrohgend, heard of it?”

“It’s the crater city. There was a volcano there like a hundred years ago that exploded.”

Bialaer nodded. “Then some people settle there, cleaned it out and built a city.”

“Our target lives there then?”

“Our targets are visiting there.”

“Targets? As in plural?”

“Two to be exact. One is a drug smuggler and the other the aristocrat who is helping him move his goods. We are to kill them and destroy the shipment.”

“Alright. How long until we get there?”

He chuckled. “Four days, hopefully you don’t tire of my company.”

She blushed. “You know I won’t, I always enjoy spending time with you.”

“That’s a relief, it might hurt my feelings otherwise.”

“Oh hush.” He grinned and she was sure her heart was going to explode. “So, is there a plan?”

“Get there, get a room, and do some reconnaissance. I know where the aristocrat lives, but we can’t just go rushing in. We check the place out and decide on a course of action. He’ll know where the smuggler is staying as well as where he’s keeping the drugs.”

She felt excitement rush through her again. She couldn’t believe she was really on an assassin mission. She couldn’t wait to see Bialaer in action and learn more about his and Sekers line of work. Learning they had four days of travel together was also eliciting excitement from her. She had been on the road a few times in her life and knew just that could offer adventure. It had been far too long since she felt like this. Bialaer smiled again as he stole another glance. It warmed him to see Taenya so happy.

Their first day on the road was spent chatting about his work and what she had been up to at the castle. Bialaer loved her genuine interest in his work. Most people were either disturbed by it or pretended to be interested to get close to him. “Were you ever hurt during an attempt?” Taenya asked.

“A couple of times, once I took an arrow to the back. I would have praised the shooter had I not been running away. He was one hell of a shot.”

“I imagine it hurt quite a bit.”

He chuckled and shrugged. “I received worse during my time as a berserker.”


“Maybe I’ll have to show you my scars.” He winked and her cheeks flushed.

“Maybe you will.” She was so embarrassed. It wasn’t like Bialaer was the first man she’d been attracted to, but there was something about his personality, something that drew her in and made her feel giddy. She was sure if Themis could see her, he’d be relentlessly teasing her.

“And how has the castle been?”

“Quiet other than Themis’s fussing over Seker, well we all kind of fuss over her. If it wasn’t for me being around, I think Themis would ignore work.” She laughed. “I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going on right now.”

“Seker is strong, I wouldn’t worry about her too much.”

“You say that, but I bet you’d go into papa bear mode the minute you saw her.”

He chuckled “I suppose its only natural when you’re around a pregnant woman, especially if you already cared about her before she became pregnant” Their conversation continued to flow easily, making the trip seem like nothing beyond Taenya’s aches every now and then. She wasn’t used to traveling like this anymore but she didn’t complain, she’d just get used to it again. The second night she discovered she hadn’t been hiding it as well as she had thought “you should let me massage you a little Taenya and I don’t want to hear you’re fine. You have to be observant to be an assassin”

“You wouldn’t have to do that for Seker. I don’t want you to have to do anything extra. I’ll be fine” He chuckled and moved closer to her “I wont touch you without your permission Taenya but it wouldn’t bother me in the least and I’d still enjoy you tagging along again if you ever want to”

“I mean, as long as it wouldn’t be a hindrance. I can deal.”

“Just because we’re working, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. Let me.”

“Okay.” He moved so he was behind her and let his hands rest on her shoulders. Goosebumps covered her skin when he started working her muscles loose and she closed her eyes, enjoying his touch. How was he so good at this? She wondered.

“Let me rub your legs.” He said softly in her ear once he finished with her upper body and her skin flushed even more.

“Alright.” She turned and sat and he pulled her feet into his lap, removing her boots.

“Next time you get this sore, tell me.”

“you…really dont mind”

“this is no trouble at all” He liked having a reason to touch her this much and honestly, with his build, it wasn’t all that much work to do this for her. Taenya slept hard that night but still got up easily in the morning for them to continue their journey. When they arrived in Vrohgend she was almost a little disappointed they hadn’t encountered any trouble along the way but she’d still be patient on this job and follow Bialaers lead.

They checked in to a place to stay and began discussing everything he hadn’t yet when it came to their targets. Taenya listened intently until BIalaer was finished “now lets go have a look around, especially around where the aristocrat is supposed to live”

They were off again and Taenya realized more than ever just how much effort and energy these jobs took from assassins. Once outside Bialaer shocked Taenya by holding her hand “It’s less suspicious if we seem like a couple out for the day”

“Oh, alright, that sounds like a good plan.”

Her face was red as they walked down the street together and he pulled her a little closer. He adored how she could go from confident to shy in an instant and couldn’t help but tease her a little. He brushed his thumb over the back of her hand, let his arm brush hers, and once they neared the home of the aristocrat, he let his hand move around to rest on her waist, his fingers brushing the exposed skin there. “This is the place.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“Big house.” She felt her face heat.

“Paid for by all of his shady dealings no doubt.”


He smiled. “Notice anything odd about the place?”

She was having trouble focusing because of how close he was. She forced down the butterflies and glanced at the house. “No guards, that’s weird.”

“They’re hiding, waiting. He’s spent a lot of money on them so they’ll definitely be a challenge.”

“I’m ready.”

“I know.” He stopped at the corner and pulled her fully into him. “Are you done being mad about me getting us lost my love?” He said it loud enough to be heard by those walking past them and gently grabbed her chin, tipping her head back so she was looking into his eyes. Her heart stuttered in her chest and she almost missed the small amount of movement come from one of the trees near the fence. There was someone in there.

It was hard to act natural when Bialaer made her so nervous so the easiest way to sell they truly were a couple just happening by was to kiss him. She hoped he didn’t hate it or feel invaded in any way. He seemed so flirtatious she doubted kissing a girl he didn’t know that well was too far out of the norm for him. She wouldn’t know until they were alone how he felt about it but what she did know in this moment was that he was a good kisser, especially for the two of them just putting on a show. Taenya hadn’t expected him to make it so real.

Whomever had gotten suspicious seemed to go off and they broke the kiss. She was surprised to notice that he was actually blushing too. Maybe kissing random girls wasn’t something he did often. He lead her away “That was smart” Bialaer praised and Taenya said “I didn’t know if I could be convincing any other way. I’m not really used to acting”

“Then just act natural.”

“Natural is me beating things up for trying to hurt Seker and Themis or boxing or…or being a smart ass. I’m not good at flirting or pretending to flirt.”

He shrugged. “You kissing me seemed pretty natural.”

She hated she was still blushing. “I…I just didn’t know what else to do and you were so close so I just went with it.”

He chuckled. “Well, I’m glad you did, now we know what to look out for. I’m sure he has at least one person at each corner. They’re wearing colors to blend in.”

“Moving was a rookie mistake.”

“The average person would have mistaken it for a bird or a cat, but we’re more observant.”

“So what now?”

“We eat, mill around the city to make sure there won’t be any suspicion cast on us. We can cement the whole couple thing in people’s minds so if anyone comes asking about the barbarian and his wife, everyone will say how normal and nice we were. Then we come back tonight and get the answers we need.”


“Maybe we should find a place to get rings. We could say they’re replacements.”

“I mean, we could.”

He smiled down at her, his eyes dancing with amusement. “You don’t want to be my wife?”

“I didn’t say that, it’s for the job so I’ll be whatever I need to be.”

His smile didn’t falter in the least and she finally noticed the playfulness in his eyes. If they weren’t in public she’d ask if he was just messing with her but she didn’t want to blow the job. Even if he was, this was a good plan, it was just a little embarrassing and made her wish she hadn’t kissed him. If this was all because he had found out about her crush she knew he was never going to let her live down that kiss. It would be good natured, he wasn’t cruel but it would definitely be embarrassing, so much so she wasn’t sure she’d take another job with him now if this whole thing was about picking on her for liking him.

It didn’t take long to find a place that sold rings and thankfully Bialaer did most of the talking. He sold the story pretty well and she also found out he had good taste in rings. She actually liked them. Now that they had a nice set they found a place to eat, both incredibly hungry. When Taenya put down her menu Bialaer took her hand, caressing it with his thumb and grinning at her. She smiled back and he asked “are you okay my love?”

“yeah, just hungry”

“Well make sure you get whatever you want.”

“Okay, I will.”

He brought her hand to his lips and goosebumps rose on her skin when he pressed a kiss to her knuckles. “I love you.”

“I…” she glanced around, there were a couple of people sneaking peeks at them. “I love you too.” She looked at the table. “Can we order, please?”

“Of course.” He waved at the young woman behind the counter, hoping he hadn’t pushed Taenya too far. He didn’t want her upset at him for making her say something like that. The woman came right to them and they both ordered, Bialaer relieved that she hadn’t pulled away from him. Once the woman had left with their orders, he asked, “Are you okay?”


“About before.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Good, if it’s too much just say so and I’ll try not to lay it on too thick.”

She lowered her voice. “It’s fine, I promise. This is all just so new to me, I’m not really the deceptive type.”

“You can always beat me up if you need to.” He offered with a playful smile.

“I wouldn’t do that.”


“Bialaer, stop.” She laughed. “I’m good, really, thank you.”

He felt better now that she was laughing. He shouldn’t have brought up his concerns about her at the table but he cared about her too much to wait. Now that he wasn’t so worried she was becoming uncomfortable he could wait for a more appropriate time to talk. The food ended up being amazing so they lingered in the restaurant, eating slowly as they continued to talk to one another. “should we look around more or get some alone time in our room” he asked suggestively and she answered as an amused wife might, laughing and telling him “I want to look around at least a little more”

He brought the back of her hand to his lips to kiss it “alright” Bialaer answered softly, allowing her to tug him along where she wanted to go. He could see she was getting tired and worry tugged at him again. He worried she might be avoiding being alone with him and that was the last thing he wanted her to be uncomfortable with “come on, lets go to our room sweetheart” he suggested and this time she relented, only because her feet did need a break.

He didn’t waste time once they were alone in their room. “Please be truthful with me. Have I done something thats too much? I know something is bothering you Taenya” her heart was already racing. If she was wrong she’d be even more embarrassed but she could see the resolve in his face. They were going to talk about this even if it took him all night to pry it out of her. “I don’t know Bialaer…I just got the feeling you’re doing this because you know I…well…you know that I think you’re attractive. You just looked so amused, that same look you get when you’re teasing Seker. Its my problem not yours if you’re just messing with me because you know. I knew before I came you like to tease people you care about and even if you couldn’t think of me as a partner in that way you do care about me as a friend so” she sighed loudly before ending with “I’m rambling and I’m sorry, don’t worry about it. It’s cool coming on a job and I’m sure by the time theres another you can take Seker”

“Taenya,” He said as he drew her into him, “I may be teasing you, but I would never play with your feelings.”

She looked at his chest. “I know, it’s just…I really…” she let out another sigh. This shouldn’t be so difficult. “I like you.”

Bialaer lifted her chin like he had done before and her heart skipped a beat when he leaned down and kissed her. “Taenya,” He said her name softly as he pulled back, “I love you.”


“I mean it, it’s just us, no one’s here so I’m not playing, I mean it.” His other hand came up and pressed her palm flat against his chest and she blushed at the thudding of his heart. “You do that to me, no one else. I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you. I was ecstatic when Seker suggested you take her place.”

“so you suggested we play a couple because you’ve felt the same” He kissed her forehead “yes, hell we can even keep these rings. I’m serious, I love you Taenya” She was left speechless so he continued “From the start I wanted this trip to show me if we had real chemistry Taenya and god we do. I knew before that kiss but when you pressed your lips into mine I never wanted you to pull away. I want to marry you when we go home. I mean, Seker and Themis got married knowing each other a lot less time than us, is it so crazy?”

“I’d…I’d like to marry you too Bialaer”

“we can work out the details at home”

“you’d still want to be an assassin?”

“If you’d rather me come home to the castle with you just say the word…I want whatever gives me you”

“I think…I’d enjoy this life. I’ve been craving excitement and Themis really doesn’t need a body guard any longer.” Bialaer met eyes with her “you swear you’d be happy?”

“yeah” He looked so happy she was sure she fever hot from blushing. “well, still think about it, tell me what you want again when the job is over” Next thing she knew he had lifted her and was carrying her to bed “now to handle the other problem I noticed, you need me to rub you again”

“I’m sorry”

“I enjoy doing it” It was touching how happy he seemed. After he massaged her he said “I’d like to hold you tonight”

“I’d like that too” He got under the covers “then please come here Taenya” she settled in with him and he pulled her close, telling her once more “I love you Taenya” His heart trembled to hear her respond tenderly “I love you too. You’re so sweet Bialaer.”

“It comes naturally when I care about someone like I do you” Bialaer couldn’t help but stay up awhile after Taenya had fallen asleep. It felt amazing to hold her like this, it felt amazing knowing no matter what her final decision was when the job was over they’d be together.

Bialaer shook her awake an hour before midnight and she sat up, ready to fight and he chuckled as he calmed her. “It’s time to go my love, this late, he should be sleeping.”

“Okay, do I need to bring anything, besides my gloves?”

“No, just follow my lead and we should be fine.” He kissed her, grinning at her blush. “And stay safe, if anything happens to you, I’ll go mad.”

“I promise.”

He got up and grabbed his ax and the vial of poison. He coated the blade in it, put the vial away and put the antidote and the vial of blinding powder in his pocket. He tucked his lock picks in the other pocket then leaned down and gave her another kiss. “For luck, now let’s go and interrogate an asshole.”