Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 633: Abigail & Christian 5

It had been Abigails turn to drive for about two hours now and she wished more than anything they could finally hit civilization again. It was late at night and she hated how little light there was on these back roads. They had been forced to take this way when they came upon a ten car accident with no way around. They hadn’t even had the choice to wait since one of the vehicles involved was a tank truck, a truck carrying gasoline. The police were directing everyone away. They considered getting a hotel since the new route would add three more hours to the trip but in the end they decided it was only nine more hours to home, they could just take shifts driving.

Various other mishaps along the way had them still seven hours from home even though Christian had driven three more hours after they found the accident and she had been driving two now. They should have gotten a hotel but they had no way of knowing this was their unlucky day and they couldn’t change it now so she tried to keep her mind on how amazing this summer had been. Not not only was their oldest son starting his final year of High School but all her babies would be in school this year so Abigail and Christian had wanted to make it a summer to remember.

Christian and Abigail now had six of the eight children she had always imagined herself having. Lewis was seventeen and incredibly intelligent. She honestly felt he could have graduated early but he hadn’t wanted to and neither her nor Christian had wanted to pressure him. All speeding him through High School would have done was send him off to college sooner since he already knew what he wanted to be and which college he wanted to attend.

Rorie was fourteen now and had his very first girlfriend. He hadn’t really wanted to leave her for this trip but he came without too much fuss. It was honestly adorable how he was texting with her during his every waking moment. He was still involved with all the family fun but he was staying incredibly connected with her. Abner was eleven and currently snoring way too loud in the backseat. However, she just counted her blessing that five of her children were sleeping soundly.

Rhoslyn, now eight, was awake and staring out the window into the near pitch black of their surroundings. Honestly, without the light of their car most of this seemingly endless road would be pitch black. The twins were adorable as they leaned against one another, sleeping peacefully. They were both five and incredibly close, as most twins are. Sinaht was the oldest by just a few minuets leaving Imra to be the current baby of her children. She didn’t want either of them starting Kindergarten next week but that was life and she knew Christian was still more than willing to give her two more children.

They couldn’t decide what to do with their summer so much to the enthusiasm of the kids they made the whole summer a road trip. They had been to numerous amusement parks, museums, dozens of parks, malls and monuments. Nothing was even planned, they’d just enjoy somewhere then pick the nearest thing that sounded interesting. This summer had been so fun and so full of different things she almost wanted to do this every summer now, that is, if they ever got home from this trip.

Rhoslyn suddenly speaking didn’t alarm her but what she said did “Mom, how does that man keep getting ahead of us?”

“what are you talking about Rhos?”

“we keep passing a man. You don’t see him?”

“No I havent seen anybody baby. You might be seeing a ghost but I wonder why I havnt seen him. Will you tell me when he comes into view again?”

“you’re not going to stop are you” she sounded so alarmed “why shouldn’t I?”

“He scares me, his smile…theres something wrong with it…I dont like it”

“I guess I wont stop then” Rhoslyn seemed so relieved that it almost made Abigail worry about whatever her daughter was seeing. “is he why you cant sleep?”


“Nothing can hurt you while you’re with us?”

“I think hes whats causing all this trouble mom and now I think we’re stuck”


“I dont know…I…I think hes doing something to us”

“we’ll be okay, try to sleep sweetheart”

Abigail watched for any sign of another person on the side of the road and her heart jumped when Rhoslyn pointed out the man again. She didn’t see him and terror sent a shiver up her spine as she reached over and shakes Christian. He jerked awake and looked around. “My turn?”

“No, but I think some sort of entity is messing with us.” She said. “Rhos said she keeps seeing a man, but I can’t see him and it doesn’t feel like we’ve made any progress.”

Christian searches the darkness, not seeing anything, but knowing his children would never lie when it came to something like this. He grabbed his cell and hit the home button. “No service.” He then grabbed Abigail’s. “Shit.” He said under his breath. He turned in his seat and shook Lewis and Rorie awake.

“Dad, what’s up?” Lewis said. “What time is it?”

“I need you two to check your phones.”

Both boys pulled their cells out and looked at them. “What? No service?” Rorie said. “I’ve had it the whole trip.”

Rorie had been texting his girlfriend so much Christian felt it would be a good way to tell how long they had been stuck in whatever this was “Rorie, look at the last time stamp of the last message Tora sent you” Rorie went to his messages “It was almost ten…it’s 2am now so four hours ago” That meant they had possibly been going nowhere for four hours. “I’m sorry” Rhoslyn interjected and Christian asked “what for sweetheart”

“I should have mentioned him sooner…I’m just used to seeing ghosts now and some do kinda stick sometimes so I…I’m sorry”

“Rhos, you’re eight, we hardly expect you to instantly know when something is off. I’m glad you said something to your mother when you did. Don’t beat yourself up, besides, if you had just went to sleep with everyone else we wouldn’t know somethings wrong now so thank you for staying up”

“Would it help to know what he looks like? I can try to tell you after I see him again. I want to look at him one more time before I try”

“I’ll try to back up, there’s nobody else on this road” Abigail stopped the car then began to drive it in reverse since they had only just passed him. They had barely started their roll back when Rhoslyn screamed and put her hands over her ears “Rhos?!” Lewis said her name in panic and worry “Rhos what’s wrong?” Rorie asked and she explained in a pained voice “don’t you hear it, it’s like someone is playing the violin really badly and loud” Her scream woke the twins and to Rhos’s relief, now others in the car could see who she was seeing. Imra gasped and Sinaht pulled on his twin sister protectively, they were both staring out the passenger window.

Large black eyes looked back at them, deep and fathomless and flecked with white that reminded them of stars. He grinned, showing sharp canines. Long black hair fell past his narrow face and trailed down to his knees and his skin was a pale grey. He wasn’t wearing anything but a dark loincloth. He was close to the back window in the blink of an eye and he tapped on the glass with a sharp nail, causing the twins and Rhoslyn to scream before vanishing again.

“It’s okay, it alright.” Abigail said and Lewis both Lewis and Rorie did their best to quiet them.

“Abigail?” Christian said as he turned this way and that searching and listening for the creature.

“I don’t know, but that wasn’t a spirit.” She said. She wanted to stop so she could think, but how long would that thing let them just sit there in peace. Then again, she knew they could keep going on forever and never escape this nightmare.

“If it’s not a spirit we must be able to capture it…it’s just how when only the three youngest can see it.”

“why would we capture it” Rhos asked in a petrified voice. Christian turned in his seat and gently stroked Rhos’s hair before explaining “we have to force it to let us go Rhoslyn. We shouldn’t still be so far from home, it’s trapped us somehow and only it can allow us to get out”

“he looks so mean, he’ll hurt us, I dont want to get out of the car”

“Mommy and I are just talking for now alright, in any case. We wont let anything happen to you kids” Abigail put the car in park and the oldest asked “Rhos, while the cars not moving want to sit in my lap. It might help you relax. I’d never let anything bad near one of my baby sisters.”

“can I unbuckle mommy?” Rhos asked.

“Of course baby.” She and Christian unbuckled, their eyes searching the darkness. “We’re going to have to get out, I mean we could be here forever if we don’t.”

Christian turned in his seat. “Listen, you are to keep the doors locked and windows up, okay.” He looked back and for between Lewis and Rorie. Both boys nodded. “And no matter what happens, do not come outside.”

“But, what if you’re hurt?” Rorie asked.

“Stay here and keep checking you phone to see if the signal comes back.”


“I want you to call your grandparents as soon as it comes back.”

“Do you have to go out there?” Rhos asked as she climbed in Lewis’s lap.

“It’s going to be okay, sweetie.” Abigail said. “We promise, everything’s going to be alright. I know you’re scared, but we need to get it to let us go.”

“Please be careful.”

“How about this,” Christian said, “since you, Sinaht, and Imra are the only ones who can see it, why don’t you all bang on the windows on whichever side it’s on. Rhos, you and Lewis can watch my side, Imra can watch your mom’s side, and Rorie can watch the back with Sinaht.”

The kids all agreed so Abigail and Christian quickly got out of the car, relieved when Abner quickly locked the car again. He then situated himself to help Imra watch her side since the other boys were each helping Sinaht and Rhos. Christian however felt a little bad for not directing him, he had been so concentrated on the other children he hadn’t noticed him wake up. He didn’t dwell on it long, he couldn’t, the wolf within him was growling and hungry to take out the threat to his family.

The first thing Abigail noticed was how silent the world around them was. Even in the middle of nowhere you should hear something, even if it’s a rare noise. They were definitely in some sort of enchantment. They had to at least be in their own world still. Wouldn’t they have noticed being taken elsewhere? Then again, how hadn’t she noticed without Rhos they weren’t getting anywhere?

Abigail and Christian slowly made their way to the front of the car and pressed their backs together when they got there. “Anything?” Christian asked softly.

“I don’t see anything, but there’s a smell, it reminds me of…”

“The woods. It smells like earth, it smells wild.”

“A demon maybe?”

They heard knocking coming from the passenger side of the car and Christian glanced at his children, following where they were pointing. It was on his side, which meant it could be sneaking up on them. He hated they couldn’t see it, but even as he lamented the fact, the scent suddenly grew stronger and he heard the faint sound of footsteps right before he was nearly knocked over. “Christian?” Abigail said worriedly.

“Close your eyes.” He said.


“Trust me, close your eyes and listen.” He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.


She realized it too, that they could hear him when he moved. Honestly, she didn’t know why it was so silent here but it was going to work to their advantage. They just needed to rely on their sense of smell and their ears and thankfully, it had chosen a wolf family to mess with. Christian tried to punch it when his senses told him it was close but he missed. It was fast or maybe it was more tricks. Christian nor Abigail had any way to know.

The next noise they heard was the door of their car being ripped off and all their kids screaming. To their horror they wondered if he had wanted the adults to get out of the car all along. The car screeched into action and both parents managed to jump on it, holding on tightly. They began trying to get in themselves when the next horrifying moment happened. The demon began driving off the road. They didn’t know if it was their oldest trying to shove the demon out of the car or the demons plan all along but the car took such a sharp turn on that ridiculously steep hill the car began rolling. Abigails first thought was Rhoslyn who had taken off her seatbelt.

Everything hurt and as Christian began to push himself up, he realized his left arm was broken. It was the screaming that snapped him to full attention and he raised his head, looking further down the hill. He could see the car on its side, could hear his children crying out for him and Abigail and for just a moment, he swore he saw someone perched on the side of the car. The image was there and gone, but he knew that had to be the creature. “Hey, get away from them.” He yelled as he stumbled to his feet and started down the hill. His arm be damned, that thing was trying to get to his children. He let out a growl and jumped, landing on the side of the car and slamming into the unseen creature. He was suddenly falling and hit the ground with a grunt. Where was it?

“Daddy!” He turned his head, seeing Rhoslyn being lifted out of the car by her arm.

“Let her go!” He saw an hand come out and grab her ankle and then Lewis was being lifted out by his throat. He was suddenly thrown against a tree and Rhoslyn kicked and screamed as the thing ran off. “Rhoslyn!” He tried to get up, but his body ached. It also took him a moment to realize, he had no idea where Abigail was. Had she been thrown off? Was she okay? If he was this busted up, what had happened to her?

It was agonizing but he forced himself toward the car “Abi!” He yelled emotionally, praying to whatever god would listen she was okay. Rorie and Abner climbed out of the car and began trying to lift it just as he realized thats where his mate was, under it. Not completely but most of her body was under the weight of their car. They had almost gotten it when he came and helped his pups “Abi” Christian he whispered in sadness as he got back down to listen to her.

She was alive much to all their relief. Christians next instinct was to look in the car. The twins carseats had held up well, keeping them secure and safe in them. It did however look like they knocked heads a few times since Sinhat had moved so close to Imra in his seat. They were still so small, it was a relief to see them relatively okay.

“Rorie, find the first aid kit. I want to do what I can for her while her body heals. Abner, go talk to the twins. Calm them, they are near hysterical. Rorie, once you give me the kit help Abner with them” Lewis had come over, growling and in wolf form while he had been talking to the other boys. “Lewis, sit here with me. I may need you to be a man again to help me with her. I only have one good arm” Lewis shifted and said “I dont want you to have to wait on me to shift” his human voice may as well have been a growl, Christian could see how frustrated his seventeen year old was.

“You did your best son”

“I dont want to hear that right now dad but thank you, I know you’re trying to make me feel better”

Rhoslyn cried, kicked, and screamed until she was exhausted as the creature carried her off. When she was too tired to fight she just sobbed. She didn’t know what the thing wanted, but she knew it had hurt her parents and siblings. She just wanted to go home. She was both terrified and relieved when it stopped at a creek and put her down. It bent to drink some water, but when she started scoot away, his attention was back to her. It moved closer and said something in a language she didn’t understand. “I don’t…what are you saying?” He cocked his head to the side then pointed at her eyes then to himself. “I see?” It grinned and nodded. She didn’t understand what her seeing him had to do with anything, but he seemed delighted. “I…I want to go back.” He frowned and lifted her back up, tossing her over his shoulder and running again.

“That’s all I can do for her.” Christian said as he gently stroked Abigail’s cheek. He wished she would wake up, even if it was for a moment.

“Dad…dad my phone,” Rorie said excitedly, “it’s working.”

“That thing leaving must have dropped whatever spell he was using to trap us.” Lewis said.

“I want you to call emergency services and tell them we had an accident.” Christian said. “Then call your grandparents and tell them what happened.” He pressed a kiss to Abigail’s forehead. “I’m going to get Rhoslyn, I want all of you to stay by the car.”

“I’m going too.” Lewis said.


“Dad, please.”

Christian sighed, he’d rather Lewis wait with the other children and his unconscious mother but he understood how Lewis was feeling. Besides, he didn’t know how strong this demon was and he might honestly need the help. Lewis was nearly a man now and based on what Christian had seen mock fighting him he would be an asset. “I guess if Abner and Rorie feel confident watching the twins”

“we have it dad” Rorie assured. “yeah, we’ll be fine with them and mom” Abner quickly chimed in. “Come then Lewis” Christian welcomed and the two shifted, taking off as fast as they could after Rhoslyns scent. Lewis hardly felt the pain from teh crash and being thrown into a tree as he ran, all he could think about was the fact he had actually let something take his baby sister. He was disoriented from the roll but that wasn’t any excuse. She was only eight, she had to be terrified no matter what its intent was for her.

Not only that but of course, as he had offered to let her sit with him he had assured her that he’d never let anything bad near her and look where they were now. Not only had it gotten near her it had taken her. If she didn’t make it or they never found her he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to live with the burden currently on his heart.

The creature stopped again, but this time it was to lift a woven hatch in the ground. The creature hopped down and closed it then starting descending further into the dark. Rhosyln’s night vision didn’t reveal anything but the earth around them and the only scent her nose could pick up was that of damp earth. It was far too quiet and she actually let out a little whimper at how eerie it was. She was relieved when the tunnel opened up into a larger room, and the sound of running water fill the silence. She was put down again and the creature moved away from her.

“What…what are you doing?” She asked as she pulled her knees up and and hugged them.

It didn’t even attempt an answer, instead getting a fire started so the cave they were in was lit up. He came back over to her and grabbed her arm, pulling her to the fire. A horrifying thought filled her head. Was he going to eat her? She started pulling away, but he was so much stronger and only released her when she was right next to the fire. “Please? What do you want?” She asked and he once again pointed her eyes and then to himself. “Yes, I see you.” He nodded. Is that why he had taken her? Because she had noticed him first?

“If…If I can see you I’m sure somebody else can” Despite the fact it couldn’t speak to her it seemed to understand what she said because it shook its head. A tear tumbled down Rhoslyns cheek and to her surprise, it wiped it away. She had flinched when the creature went to do it but soon realized that’s all he wanted. Her thoughts went to her family and to the horrifying place of wondering if she was going to have to be this things pet for the rest of her life.

An hour later her thoughts moved to having a little pity for him. She wondered how horrible it would be to go through life the way he had been. Nobody to play with or speak to, just wandering around, alone even when you’re surrounded by beings. Abigail woke with a wheeze as paramedics tried to load her into an ambulance. “Rhoslyn” was the first word she said. Rorie stroked his mothers head “Mom… dad, Lewis and now grandpa are trying to get her back. Grandma is with the twins and Abner. I’m riding with you so you can be taken care of alright”

“I’m not leaving without Rhoslyn”

“It’s okay mom, they’ll get her back.”

Abigail choked up. How could she let some creature take her baby? “I just…”

“I know mom.” His eyes burned with tears and he forced himself not to cry. The last thing his mom needed was to be worrying about him. “It’s going to be okay.” He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“When did you get so big?”

He laughed. “I don’t know, but you should rest, okay?”

Both Christian and Lewis came to a sudden stop when they heard the sound of footsteps following them. Their ears perked up and they scented the air, but because the breeze was blowing at their backs, they couldn’t smell who or what it was. They waited, ready to fight if it was the creature. They were both surprised when they saw it was Abel and Lewis yipped. They all shifted and Lewis hugged his grandfather. “You got here fast.” Christian said.

“Cora knew something was wrong even before Rorie called. We were already out the door when it came through.”

“Thank you.” He looked back in the direction they had been running. “We should keep moving, I don’t want to lose Rhos’s scent.”

Rhos stood and the creature eyed her “can’t I look around?” she asked since he seemed to understand her. It stood and she couldn’t help but shake a second as it moved its hand as in to tell her it was okay. She took a step away, hoping she wasn’t wrong since communication relied on her just assuming things with it. The decided to follow the sound of water, taking in her surroundings as they walked. This place was ridiculously creepy and dark.

She nearly had a heart attack when suddenly it looked like they were in a meadow. It was so bright and the flowers were gorgeous but then she realized, it was still chilly away from that fire. She looked over to him “we didn’t go anywhere did we” Seemingly without any sort of effort from him she was underground again “so you can make me see anything cant you? Is this still a game? Why do you seem to understand me but you cant talk to me?”

He didn’t have to answer, he probably would continue to not give her real answeres but she couldn’t help but ask questions. He understood her, he had to truly be able to understand her so it made no sense to Rhoslyn that he couldn’t talk back. She knew demons liked to play games and she hated feeling like a helpless toy. The only thing that kept her from getting mad was the fact he did seem sad and sadness was hard to fake, especially with something as sensitive as she was.

Christian let out a whine when Rhoslyn’s scent became weaker and they all three slowed, moving in circles, trying to keep it in their noses. It was Abel who shifted first, causing the other two to follow suite. “What do we do?” Christian asked. “She’s been with that thing long enough, if I lost her…”

Abel rested a calming hand on his shoulder. “You won’t, we won’t.” He looked around the dark forest. “We’ll split up and whoever finds the trail can call the others.”

“What about that thing?” Lewis asked. “It’s good a tricking people.”

“We’ll just have to be careful, keep our senses open.”

“Okay.” Christian said. “Split up, but stay safe.” He turned to his son. “Don’t run ahead if you find something, call for us.”

“I will dad, I promise.”

Rhoslyn’s yawning drew the being’s attention and he gestured for her to head back. He grabbed one of the burning sticks and lead her to a smaller side room. There was a makeshift bed on the floor made of leaves, moss, and even what she thought was an animal hide. “You want me to lay down?” She asked as she looked up at him and he nodded. “I’m not sleepy.” He gently pushed her forward. It seemed he knew she was lying. “Okay, will you talk if I do?” He shook his head. “Why?” He squatted down so they were eye to eye then reached up and touched his lips and throat, shaking his head again. “You can’t?” He gave her a sad smile and nodded. She couldn’t imagine how hard his life was. No one could see him and he couldn’t even talk to let them know he existed. “I’m sorry.” She said and he shook his head as he stood and gestured to the bed. “Okay.” She replied. “Thank you.”

He had spoken in some old language earlier so she assumed that it was just a lack of someone who could teach him a new language, sometimes speaking and understanding were two very different struggles. He obviously could be faking but something inside her told her this demon was genuine, despite the fact he had hurt her family and kidnapped her. Most demons just didn’t know any better, especially older ones. Rhos laid down, not knowing if she could actually sleep around this thing. It scared her a little when it began stroking her hair but eventually, it became a comforting feeling. Her last thought was a plead her family was okay. The demon had sensed the wolves running over his home so once she was out he left her, there was nothing else down here to bother her anyway and wolves were persistent. He knew if he didn’t get out there and handle them they wouldn’t give up searching.

“Her scent is strong here, I just can’t pinpoint its location.” Christian said. They were now walking in circles, trying to find out where Rhoslyn was being kept. When they moved away from this spot, her scent started to fade, so that meant she had to be close.

“There aren’t any houses out here dad, or caves.” Lewis said. He was terrified of what that creature might be doing to his sister.

“Maybe we missed something.” Abel said. “We should double back and…” Both Christian and Lewis jumped when Abel was sent flying. Christian grabbed his son and moved him so their backs were together. It had to be the creature.

“Close your eyes Lewis.”


“Just do it, that’s how mom and me fought it.”

“But, grandpa.”

“He’s strong, just do it.” Lewis shut his eyes, his heart giving a thump at not being able to see when that thing was around. “Just focus, it’s going to be alright.”

Rhoslyn didn’t know what woke her, if it was the fact she was alone or if her animal instincts were alerting her that something had changed, but she jerked awake and sat up. The being wasn’t with her anymore and the only thing she could hear was the sound of water and the crackling of the fire. “Hello?” She said as she stood, her heart hammering in her chest. “Are you here?” She moved slowly out of his room and looked around the outer cave. He wasn’t there anymore. She wondered if that meant she could leave or if he was playing some sort of trick on her. He had seemed so lonely, maybe it was the only thing he knew how to do to get any sort of attention. She called for him again and when no answer came she inhaled and started following his scent. Maybe he was sleeping somewhere else. She was also starting to get hungry and she really wanted to go home.