Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 634 ~ Judith & Marcas

Judith’s fingers moved over the clay, her eyes focused as she shaped it. The young woman who had hired her to make the beautiful elf had been so enthusiastic, showing her idea after idea in hopes she could make it into reality. She hummed to herself as she grabbed her tools and began working on the details, carving away the clay until a face started to take shape. “You’re going to be beautiful.” She said with a smile.

Marcas walked down the sidewalk, whistling to himself as he took in the area. A new family was moving into the house on the corner, their dog barking at him as he passed by. He chuckled as the owners gave it a questioning look then hushed it. He wondered what they would think if they knew he was here. He made his way home, or at least where is home used to be, wondering if she was up and about, if she was working. He remembered when she had moved in, the first time he had watched her work. She was so interesting, so beautiful, and always seemed full of smiles. He felt lighter when he got to spend his day with her, like being dead wasn’t so bad.

He smiled when he finally stepped through the wall and into her studio and crossed over to Judith. He bent down to look over her shoulder, their faces close as he examined her work. “You’re so amazing, do you know that?” He said. She gave a little shiver and he chuckled. “Sorry, I guess I do make it a little cold, but I can’t help myself. How was your day? I…” He felt a strange sensation move through the house and he stood up straight, looking around. Even Judith paused which surprised him. She had felt it too.


Marcas left her to investigate what might have caused what he felt. It didn’t feel natural and he knew there were bad spirits wandering around. He wasn’t about to let one settle in here with Judith and bother her, especially with her heart condition. He couldn’t bare to see her bed bound again, she looked too miserable. Marcas wasn’t sure what he could do in the event something bad showed itself but he did know he’d do everything he could to keep Judith from being terrorized.

A woman laid in her kitchen, holding her head and looking pained the womans eyes caught Marcas’s and he wondered if she could really see him. He was about to speak when Judith coming in stole the womans attention. “I’m sorry, I know I seem like an intruder,I mean… I am but this is an accident. Please, give me a second to get myself oriented and I’ll leave you two”


“yes, you and him” she looked back at Marcas.

Judith glanced around, confused and concerned. “There’s no one else here.”

The woman pointed. “There’s a man standing right there.”

Marcas moved so he was between this stranger and Judith. “How can you see me?” He asked.

“Who are you?” Judith asked.

“Just give me a moment.” The woman slowly sat up and rubbed her temples.

“Would you like some water?” Judith asked.

“If you don’t mind.”

Judith moved around her to get a cup and the woman looked up at Marcas. “My name is Kayleigh and I work with people like your friend here.”

“There really is no one else here.” Judith said as she handed her a glass of water.

“What’s your name?” She asked Marcas.

“Marcas.” He said.

“His name is Marcas, he’s tall, has dark hair and eyes, he looks to be in his twenties.” She pushed herself off the floor, swaying a little so Judith gently grabbed her and helped her to a chair.

“so what’re you saying this man is that you think is in my home?”

“A ghost, it’s true that some people don’t move on after they die. He seems like a king spirit though. I’m sure you haven’t noticed him because I doubt he’d ever give you any trouble.”

“why is he here?” Judith wasn’t sure what she thought but if Kayleigh was going to insist there was a ghost in her home she wanted to know all she could before the woman left. Marcas answered “because this was my home…I never left…” Kayleigh repeated that to Judith “is he upset at all I’m here?” Judith asked and Marcas answered near instantly “No, she’s been my favorite. I love living here with her” Kayleigh giggled at his embarrassment before telling Judith.

“That’s good.” Judith’s cheeks flushed. “Um, so does he follow me everywhere?”

“I stay out of her room unless I’m checking on her…because of her heart.”

Kayleigh repeated what he said and Judith’s heart actually stuttered. “Oh, thank you, that’s really sweet of you.”

Marcas crossed his arms. “So, why are you here?”

Kayleigh gave a little laugh. “He’s very protective of you.” She said and Marcas felt even more embarrassed.

“Stop telling her that stuff. I don’t need her thinking I’m some sort of creep. I just…I just don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Alright, calm down or you might go poltergeist.”

“Is he alright?” Judith asked.

“Yeah, he’s just worried is all.” She let out a sigh. “I am sorry I surprised you, I only came through here because the veil between my world and this house happened to be thin enough to slip through, probably because he lives here. I was being chased and it was the only way to escape.”

“You could have lead someone here.” Marcas said. “If anything happens to her…”

“Everything’s going to fine. The men after me wanted to talk to this spirit in hopes of finding a powerful artifact. I refused, they tried to kidnap me, but I’m very resourceful.” She let out another sigh. “I’m not going to let anyone get hurt if I can help it, I promise.”

Even though this all sounded crazy to Judith, she could still tell the woman wasn’t lying. It was surprising she had been living with someone without realizing it, but from the way Kayleigh spoke about him, he seemed really nice. Kayleigh also seemed genuinely sorry for dropping in the way she did. “Um…you can stay here for awhile if you want to. I mean, it’s a huge house.”

Kayleigh glanced at Marcas. “You might want to discuss that with him.” She gestured to Marcas and Judith turned to face him.

“Marcas, she could stay, right?”

It wasn’t fair how easily she twisted his around her finger and he had never wished more that he had an actual body. “I…I guess, if you swear she won’t be hurt.”

“I promise to do everything in my power to keep her safe.” Kayleigh said.

“Did he say yes?”

“He did.”

Judith took a deep breath. “Good, I think I need to sit down now.”

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Judith took a seat at her table and Kayleigh once again found herself grinning at how worried Marcas looked. Kayleigh took a seat at the table as well but laid down, still feeling tired from her ordeal with those men. All they were doing was enforcing the fact in her mind she shouldn’t help them. Good people don’t resort to kidnapping when they don’t get their way. Judith had more questions but felt bad since Kayleigh looked so worn “why don’t a show you to a room” Judith asked and Kayleigh said “If you have a bad heart please rest as long as you need to. I’m fine right here”

Judith stood “I’m okay now, that was just a lot to take in” Now she was talking to Marcas, wishing she knew where to look “and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you don’t feel awkward now that I know. It’s nice that I’m not alone” Marcas was glad to hear it. He had not only been worried about her health but worried she thought he was some creep. Kayleigh stood too and both she, along with Marcas followed Judith to a room. “This one is really nice. Let me know if I can do anything”

“You just go relax, if you’ll allow me to, I’ll cook in an hour or two to make up for the intrusion”

“Thank you, but you’re no trouble. I’m glad you were able to get away”

“I was too, thank you.”

“One more thing…Marcas, where is he exactly?”

Kayleigh chuckled. “Here, let me help you see.”


“Trust me.” Kayleigh slowly covered Judith’s eyes with her hands then closed her own. “Mother of the spirit’s light, I ask you give this one your sight. For her heart is strong and true, allow her to peer through the veil too.” She opened her eyes. “I’ve given you the ability to see your friend, though it may take a moment for your eyes to adjust. Are you ready?”

Judith was nervous, but there was a big part of her that wanted to see Marcas. If a spirit had truly been living with her, then she wanted to be able to communicate with him as easily as possible. Kayleigh uncovered her eyes and Judith blinked. For a moment, it was like the world had suddenly distorted, like the light around her was being refracted at weird angles. Then it began to clear and her heart gave a little leap when she realized another person was standing right next to her. She blinked again. “Marcas?” She asked.

Marcas smiled nervously as shock, happiness and uncertainty rushed through him. He had never expected Judith to be able to see him. Her being able to felt good for so many reasons but his voice took a fearful tone as he spoke. Just because she could see him didn’t mean she could hear. He prayed since this stranger could also hear him that the gift she had given Judith would make her able to hear aswell. “Hey Judith”

Judith gasped and it alarmed him while making Kayleigh giggle “yes, you can hear now too” she assured Judith and she said “wow, I’m not sure what I expected but you don’t look anything like I expected Marcas. You look so normal I guess” Marcas smiled, still a bundle of nerves. He had always wanted to speak to her but now that the opportunity was showing itself it was hard to figure out what to say.

“Will it be weird now if I stay with you?” he couldn’t help but ask “Of course not, I want to get to know you and this was your house before it was mine”

They left Kayleigh so she could rest, heading into Judith’s bedroom. Marcas felt nervous now that she could see and hear him. He had come in here every night to check on her and didn’t want her to think he was a creep. “So, have you been in here?” She asked as she closed her door.

“Only to check on you, to make sure you were alright.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I did it more after you collapsed.”

She felt butterflies tickle her stomach, a blush tinting her cheeks. “That’s really sweet, I’m sorry I worried you.”

“Not at all, I actually enjoy fussing over you. I was just glad you were okay.”

“Were you at the hospital?”

“Yeah, I was too worried to leave you alone.”

“Thank you for sticking around.”

“Of course.” He gestured to her bed. “You should rest too. With everything that’s happened…I wouldn’t want you to stress your heart.”

She gave him a warm smile and he knew if he was still alive, his heart would be thundering in his chest. “I’ll lay down, but I still want to talk, if that’s okay.”

“Whatever you want, Judith.”

Marcas watched as she settled in under her thick, heather purple blanket and laid her head down on the stack of two pillows she used at night. Once she was comfortable she asked “what do you enjoy doing most?”

“Honestly? Since you’ve been here, my favorite thing to do is watch you sculpt. You’re so good at it”

“I would teach you if I could. It’s not as hard as it looks”

“Don’t be so modest Judith” She smiled again “what did you enjoy most before me?”

“watching the neighborhood change. Sometimes kids are fun, If they aren’t scared of me”

“Can all kids see ghosts?”

“Most but not all, animals can see ghosts too”

“I wonder whats wrong with adults”

“They rationalize things better, something children don’t tend to do. They believe in ghosts and Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Adults tend to grow out of things like that. There are a few who are sensitive to spirits, like Kayleigh, but for the most part, they don’t see us.”

“Do you know many other spirits?”

“A few, they mostly spend time around graveyards.”

“I see. Um…did you die here?”

“Not in the house, but on the land.”

“What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I was stabbed during a fight, the other man was drunk, mistook me for someone else. People heard us fighting from next door, they came and pulled him off of me, but my injuries were fatal.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I got to meet you, so I think I can forgive the guy.”

He smiled when she blushed. Through a small giggle she said “You can’t mean that”

“I do, I’ve enjoyed my time as a ghost but, I’ve really liked getting to know you. I’m happy we can finally talk and I hope that doesnt make you uncomfortable. I keep worrying you’re going to think I’m creepy”

“I think you’re sweet, besides, I know you can’t hurt me anyway so whats their to be scared of”

“How’s your heart?” He asked nervously and she answered softly “it’s fine, truly, don’t worry”

“It’s hard not to”

“if I die maybe we can haunt this place together” That suggestion brought mixed emotions but honestly, nothing in the world would make him wish death upon a soul like Judiths. “You’re…something else Judith” He hadn’t been sure what to say but she still looked happy so he guessed that was an alright response. It was honestly tricky to talk again, not even because it was her but because he wasn’t used to conversation any longer.

Questions started pouring out of her about the ghosts he had met until she was finally asleep. He glanced at the clock, it was about ten at night but it had felt like so much had happened he expected it to be two or three am. Marcas, for teh first evening since she had moved in didn’t know what to do with himself. He decided to go check on what she had been molding, he hoped it hadn’t gotten messed up when the noise of Kayleigh in the kitchen startled her.

He was surprised to find Kayleigh in Judith’s studio and started to ask her what she was doing when she said, “She’s really talented.”

“How did you know I was here?”

She turned, giving him a small smile. “It’s part of my gift. Dead beings give off a certain energy, it’s cold.”

“I see.” He moved around her and looked Judith’s sculpture over. It was still intact.

“Why do you stay here?” She asked.

“Because I like it here.”

She let out a small laugh. “You love her.”

Marcas’s eyes met hers. “She’s special.”

“I can see that, you’re attached to her.”

He knew if he could blush, his skin would be bright red. “So, what’s wrong with that?”

She shrugged. “Nothing, but you know in this state, you two can’t be together.”

“I’m aware, but that doesn’t change how I feel.”

Kayleigh nodded. “I see, well maybe after all this I could…” A chill moved through the house and both of them looked toward the studio door. Marcas was surprised that he could actually feel the cold as it filled the house. “Shit.” Kayleigh said.

“What was that?”

“They’re looking for me.”


“Tracking me…with magic. Shit.” She let out a sigh.

“Are they coming here? Now?”

“I don’t know. Look, go upstairs and watch over Judith, I’ll try to counter the spell and send it off somewhere else. It’ll give us more time.” He started to protest and she held up her hand. “Trust me, just go be with her.”

Marcas rushed back to Judith, ready to do what he could to protect her should anybody get in her room. Kayleigh was right, he did love her and he’d use that love, force it to be energy to keep anything away. His ears soon caught the sound of Kayleigh chanting loudly. Maracas looked back to Judith, glad to see her still sleeping. He knew she had to be dead tired, the scare with Kayleigh coming had already been so much on her.

Kayleigh was trying as hard as she could but she had been so worn down herself they managed to find her and before she could do much to stop it they came through, right into Judiths kitchen. Marcas felt it and sadly, so did Judith, she was up again and certainly didn’t need the stress of this “what’s going on?” she asked fearfully as she heard commotion in the house “please, just stay in this bed. I’ll keep you safe”


“It’s okay, trust me. Nothing can hurt you while I’m here.”


“Because…because you’re really important to me Judith and knowing that gives me a lot more to draw on.”

Judith felt her heart flutter and she wished she could hug him. “Just stay safe, Okay?”

“I promise.”

Kayleigh was faced with three men and did her best to look confident and composed. “You found me.” She said.

“You really thought we wouldn’t?” Their leader said.

“I hoped.”

“You’ll be coming back with us.”

“I won’t.”

He looked around the kitchen. “A house? No…a home. We’re not alone.”

“It’s just me.” Kayleigh replied.

“I can tell you’re lying, you’re hiding someone.” He snapped his fingers. “You two search the house, bring me whoever you find.”

Marcas felt an intense magic energy fill the house as Kayleigh began to fight with the men. If anything happened to Judith and Marcas, even though she hadn’t intended for them to be hurt she knew it would be her fault. She had opted to rest and she hadn’t even done that very long, no, she could have left but she had been cocky, thinking she had outsmarted them and she wouldn’t allow Judith and Marcas to suffer because of her choices.

“Marcas, can’t you help her” Judith asked, concern drenching her tone. “I need to stay here with you” It sounded like possibly every dish she owned might have just gotten broken and she pleaded “go help her Marcas” Marcas could practically hear the tension rising in her tone, she was getting stressed again and possibly frustrated with him but he worried about leaving her. No matter what, she was in danger so he guessed maybe it was better to go out and face this problem head on.

“I need you to lock the door for me and hide and if anyone tries to get you, you call for me.”

She nodded. “Okay, just be careful.”

He couldn’t help the small smile that pulled at his lips. “I will.”

He dropped through the floor, the feel of magic stronger now that he was closer to the source. Kayleigh came flying into the living room and against the wall then dropped down to her knees on the floor. She got back to her feet just as the men who had come for her entered the room. “You stupid bitch.” Their leader said. “One of you check upstairs.” He ordered.

One of the others started for the stairs and Marcas focused his energy, his need to protect Judith giving him strength. He had never gone poltergeist before and to feel so much energy moving through him was shocking. The lights started flickering, the television and radio turning on, and the furniture vibrating. He was angry at these men for coming into his home and threatening Judith’s health. The coffee table lifted off the floor and flew toward the man closest to the stairs, hitting him before he could even think to protect himself.

Coming down here had been the right choice, he knew that now and was glad Judith had pressured him into leaving her. He hoped just hearing all this wasn’t too much stress, let alone him making all this commotion in the same room as her. Her health and his worry over them hurting her kept him easily manipulating things within the home. Between his efforts and Kayleighs the men soon laid unconscious “I’ll get them out of here. I’m so very sorry, I mean it…I’m going to make it up to you”

He hadn’t wanted to be rude to her. Marcas knew she truly hadn’t intended to bring them trouble but he still snapped, the stress of everything getting to him since he was so used to a peaceful existence with Judith. "How could you possibly make this up to me? What if she ends up in the hospital? I might lose her!

“I…I can give you a human body again if you want it”


“I can give you your body back.”

He just looked at her in disbelief. “The dead don’t come back.”

“They do if you know what you’re doing. You can be with her, really be with her.”

He didn’t want to hope in case she couldn’t actually do it, but he couldn’t help himself. Since meeting Judith, all he wanted was to be alive again. “I…I should talk to Judith first.”

“Alright, I’ll send these idiots away, you two take your time.”

Marcas nodded as he went up to Judith’s room. She wasn’t in bed anymore and he was relieved she had listened to him. “Judith?” He called. “It’s over, it’s safe.” The closet door cracked open and he gave her his warmest smile when she stepped out. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, you?”

He chuckled. “I’m dead Judith, I can’t be hurt.” He reached out then drew back. He wanted to touch her. “How’s your heart?”

“It’s fine, I promise.”

“Good, because I have something I need to ask you.”


“If there was a way to give me back my body, would you still want me here?”

She searched his face, seeing he was worried. “Of course, why wouldn’t I? I mean this is your home too and your life was cut so short.”

“Well, Kayleigh said there’s a way and if that’s true, I want to spend my life with you. I…I love you Judith.”