Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 638 ~ Adali & Faigi 4

Adali actually backed up when she answered the door, her heart slamming painfully against her chest. “Wait.” He said and she tripped and fell.

“Please…please…you’re dead.” She said and he looked hurt.

Faigi heard Adali’s heart rate and ran to her, her own surprise registering on her face at the demon standing in the doorway. She put herself between the man and her mate and he put his hands up, swallowing. “Wait, please.” He said.

“Faigi…Faigi it’s…”

“Not Othman.” Faigi said as she looked him over. He was was taller, his eyes a soft shade of green and full of sadness. Adali couldn’t see past the other resemblances, the facial features, the hair color, but Faigi knew this wasn’t Valac’s father. “This isn’t Othman.”

“I’m not, I’m…I’m his brother, Khepri.”

“What are you doing here?” Faigi asked as she helped Adali up. “What do you want?”

“I heard about you and I wanted to meet you…meet Adali and apologize for Othman.” He bowed. “Please…I’ll do anything to make up for what he did. I didn’t know…I’m sorry.”

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Faigi paused, taking in Khepri carefully. He seemed geuine and honestly, if he was being honest about his intentions it could only help her mate. It could give her a little more closure and peace when it came to her past abuse and enslavement. “Adlai sweetheart” Faigi started gently and continued “He seems honest to me…maybe we should let him try. There is no making up for what happened to you but somebody should try, I think it’s good he’s here”

Adlai visibly swallowed, still seeming shaken but this man did infact greatly resemble his brother and nobody knew like Faigi the trauma Adlai had gone through. “You’re right Faigi…” Adlai started then sighed “I’m sorry if I’m…a bit weird”

“No no no no don’t you apologize to me…Its just me that needs to apologize to you for my brother”

“You…you didn’t make him that way.” Adali said softly. “I…”

Faigi gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “Why don’t you come in, I’m sure you’re tired and hungry.” She invited.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes.” Adali replied. “It’s okay.”

They stepped back and he stepped in, Adali noticing how tall he really was. “Thank you.” He looked around. “Your home is beautiful and I smell two males.”

“Our son and his godfather.” Faigi said.

“A son?” He swallowed. “Is he…”


“I see, I’m sorry. I wish…” he shook his head. “Is he well?”

“He’s out with his girlfriend.”

“so…he’s good to her…”

“Yeah, we wouldn’t let him be any way else. We’re both immune at this point to any commands like that but anyways, hes never had that kind of heart. He accidentally controlled his girlfriend one time back when they were friends and it broke his heart”

“Thats so good to hear. Will you permit me to meet him? I completely understand if I have to wait”

“we offered to let you stay so of course you’ll meet them. Valac will probably be curious about you”

“I would like to know more about him too…even if I hate how he was conceived”

“at least I got something good out of all that…hes been such a gift”

“I’m relieved.”

“And you, do you have Othman’s gift?” Adali asked.

“I do, it’s a dominant part of our genes.” He held up his hands. “You don’t have to worry about me using it on anyone, it’s rare I need to resort to forcing people to listen.”

“It’s fine, really. Would you like something to eat or drink?”

“A drink sounds wonderful, I didn’t stop much on the way here. I was too worried about how you all might react and I kept thinking of things to say, of ways to apologize so I didn’t sleep much.”

“Then I’ll grab drinks. Faigi, would you show him to the living room?”

“Of course.”

Adali headed to the kitchen, feeling like she was being rude, but not ready to be completely alone with Khepri. She could tell he wasn’t evil, he was so much the opposite of Othman, constantly worried and apologizing, but she just needed a moment to get past the physical similarities. She also worried about Valac’s reaction. She took a deep breath as she grabbed some glasses and poured tea into them.

“If I bother he too much, I can stay somewhere else.” Khepri said as he sat in the living room with Faigi.

“She’ll be okay, she’s just nervous. You were a bit of a shock.”

“I would have written, but I thought being face to face was better, that it would mean more. I can write a letter apologizing, but how would she know I meant it without seeing my face? Perhaps a letter would have been better.”

“Trust me, she’ll move past it, just give her time.”

“she deserves all the time in the world and to deal with me however she sees fit. I know it was my brother who…did those terrible things but I should have been checking in on him, seeing what he was doing. Family does have a certain obligation…I would give anything to have spared her what she’s gone through”

“at the same time though, we cant spend our lives just looking after our family members. Dont shoulder so much blame alright Khepri” He gave a small nod, mostly looking at the floor until Adlai came back in the room. it was touching how concerned he looked when his eyes caught hers and he thanked her gently when she handed him his drink.

“when you feel up to it I’d love to feed you something. Its not good to go awhile without a good meal” Adlai said and Khepri smiled “thank you, maybe after I let this sit awhile you could make something light or I could even try to make myself something. I dont expect you to wait on me at all Adlai”

“dont be silly, you’re our guest Khepri”

They continued to get to know him, learning about how his life had been and what he had been up to. They were amazed to find that he had multiple businesses that he had started after various hobbies. “I’m always trying out something new.” He said with a smile. “My brother was more single minded, but I wanted to know as much as I could about everything.”

“That’s really amazing.” Adali said. “How about I make us something to eat now, is salad alright?”

“Whatever you feel like making.”

The moment she stood, Valac came in with Bryn, Chua, and Kristin. They were all laughing and smiling until Khepri’s scent hit both Valac and Chua. Their son looked shocked and placed himself immediately in front of Bryn, his eyes darting to his mothers, while Chua moved in front of all of them, his teeth bared. “That’s…that’s impossible.” Valac finally said. “I…we…”

“Everyone, this is Khepri.” Faigi said as she stood, catching their attention.

“He’s Othman’s brother.” Adali added as she came to her feet. “I know they kind of look alike, but I promise he’s not Othman and he’s actually really nice.”

Valac and Chua both still seemed understandably on edge. The two still suspicious and ready to kill Khepri to keep Adlai, Faigi and Kristin safe. It seemed to both shock Chua and Valac along with calm them when Adali actually took Khepris hand “see…you know I’d probably vomit if I ever had to touch Othman again. Everythings okay”

“what the fuck is going on” Valac couldnt help but curse as he asked. Faigi began to explain “he heard about us…about what happened to Adlai. He knows nothing in the world can ever make things right but he feels guilty. He wants to get to know us and do whatever he can to apologize for not rescuing your mother”

“I’ve decided to let him. I know its safe with all you here. Together nothing…nothing like that could ever happen to this family”

“I can promise you, that I wouldn’t dream of harming your family.” Khepri said. “What my brother did…it was monstrous. If I could, I would go back and stop him myself, but I can’t.”

Valac swallowed, forcing himself to unclench his fists. “If…if mom says you can stay, then…then I guess you can, but if you try anything, anything at all, I won’t hesitate. I stopped Othman, I’ll stop you too.”

“I know, I would expect nothing less.” He gave a sad smile. “I know it’s hard for you to look past my appearance, but I hope with time, that you will.”

“I will try for my mom.”

They looked to Chua and the dragon gave Khepri another once over, sizing him up, then nodded. He wouldn’t fight Adali and Faigi on this. If they wanted to give the man a chance, then he would to, but he hoped the man understood he would be watching. “So, are you guys hungry?” Adali asked, trying to break the tension.

“I can make us something mom.” Valac said.

“You should take some time, get to know your uncle.”

He frowned, but didn’t protest. “Alright, if that’s what you want.”

It was, family was important after all and if Khepri really was a good man he didn’t deserve to be punished and excluded for something he didn’t do. Adali went into the kitchen and prepped some finger sandwich’s since it would be fast and easy to enjoy while they continued talking. She put them together as quickly as she could then returned to an incredibly tension filled living room. She hadnt expected this to be an easier for her son, especially as a kid she knew how bad he had felt over everything that happened to her and how he would do anything to make sure she was never hurt like that again.

“So, Valac, I hear you’re also incredibly gifted.” Khepri said.

“I’m alright, I beat Othman.”

“That’s pretty amazing.” He smiled. “You probably don’t know this, but there’s more to our gift than what Othman showed you. He was all about immediate results, but we can do so much more.”

“Like what?” No one missed the genuine curiosity in Valac’s voice and Adali had to admit she too wanted to know what else she was capable of.

“Well,” Khepri picked up one of the sandwiches, a glimmer of happiness in his eyes, “we can use empathy to subtly influence others for one. It’s more gentle and warmer. I also gained extrasensory perception.”

“What’s that?”

“If I touch something, I sometimes get a feeling, like an echo or residual energy.” He took a bite of his sandwich. “I could demonstrate if you like.”

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Valacs eyes almost lit up, all hostility and hesitance seeming to fade with this knowledge. This truly was an amazing opportunity for their son. He was going to learn about his gifts from someone kind and obviously patient, he had been patient enough to track them down after all. It especially showed patience because he may have put in all that work just for them to turn him away. Even if it didn’t solve anything else, Adali and Faigi were glad this was happening for Valac. He deserved to know more about his abilities.

They let everyone finish eating and then Khepri asked, “Is there an item you wouldn’t mind me using?”

“I do,” Adali said, “just give me a second.”

“Of course.”

Adali got up and hurried to her and Faigi’s room. She went into the closet and pulled a box down, then opened it and lifted out a blanket. She headed back down and Khepri stood. “I hope this is okay.”

Khepri reached out and took it gently in his hands. “It’s quite beautiful.” He let his hand run over it. “Valac, this was his. Love, warmth, and…a dragon.” He looked at Chua. “You gave this to them.” Chua nodded. “I also smell rain.”

“It was raining the day Valac was born.” Adali said.

“Chua let us stay with him and helped us when Adali went into labor.” Faigi added.

Khepri smiled. “I see, that’s why there’s so much warmth coming from it. He was in it from the beginning.” He handed it back to Adali who hugged it to her chest.

“How did you do that?” Valac asked.

“You have to listen for the echo.” He gestured for the boy to stand and come to him. Valac swallowed, but stood, too curious to pass up the opportunity. “Here, let me show you.” Khepri bent down and pulled a dagger from his boot. “Hold out your hands.” Valac did as he was told and Khepri laid the dagger there. “Everything that has been used or touched, every object that has been a part of some event, has memories. Your blanket has memories of your birth, the whisper of your name, the love of your mother’s and your godfather. There is so much in that blanket. Feel for those vibrations, look past the physical to the memory.”

Valac looked down at the dagger, focusing on it. Everyone watched intently, waiting. Valac suddenly inhaled sharply. “Pain and…and blood?” He looked up at Khepri. “What happened?”

“I took this from a man who tried to kill me. He didn’t know I was a demon. It was new, unused until he used it on me, the echoes are my own.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Broke his arm and dragged him to the local authorities.”

“Oh, good.” Valac handed the dagger back.

Khepri took it and put it away. “Violence leaves a very strong imprint on things. I knew if you could, you would feel it. I’m sorry if it scared you.”

“Just surprised me.”

Khepri gave a gentle nod “we can focus on things that will give off more pleasant memories now”

“Chua, do you have something?” Valac asked eagerly, wanting nothing more than to work on his abilities. Chua began digging in his pockets, eventually pulling something small out of one and handing it to young Valac. It wasn’t until it was in Valacs hand that anybody could tell what it was. Chua seemed to have pulled out a small, white and blue geode. It surprised everyone and everybody else in the room was almost as eager as Valac to learn about it.

Valac took a deep breath in then slowly let it out before focusing on it. He could tell without Khepri even saying anything he was trying too hard at first and made himself relax a bit. Once he eased off and stopped trying to force it so much Valac began to see a beautiful cave and a woman with long blonde hair.

There was so much love coming from her and Valac could feel a dragon’s energy. “It’s not your mother, but…a sister?” Chua nodded with a warm smile. “She’s really happy and gentle.”

“Very good, Valac, you’re a natural, it’s amazing.” Khepri said and everyone in the room had to stop themselves from laughing at Valac’s red face.

“Thank you.” He handed the geode back to Chua. “Thanks Uncle Chua.”

Chua patted him on the shoulder as he pocketed the gift from his sister. “That’s really amazing.” Adali said. “Do you think I’d be able to do that?”

“I don’t see why not, but I feel like it would be easier for you if you practiced with Faigi, there’s less pressure.”

“Will you keep working with me?” Valac asked as he sat back down next to Bryn.

“Of course, for as long as you wish.”

Both Adali and Faigi smiled, once again feeling they made the right choice when they decided to let Khepri stay instead of casting him out just because his brother had been a monster. The rest of the day was spent just talking, however awkwardly it became at times. In bed that night Faigi asked softly “are you going to be able to sleep with him here?”

“Oh yeah, it might seem crazy to some but, I just know already we can trust him.”

“I guessed you could by how much you relaxed but I had to be a good mate and ask. I needed to be sure I didn’t need to do anything to comfort you” Adali moved enough to kiss her mate then whispered “thank you so much for always being so amazing”

“thank you for being mine…I could never thank you enough Adali”

“stop that, its me who should be thanking you for eternity” the two women giggled, occasionally kissing eachother until they both slowly relaxed and faded to sleep. Valac on the other hand couldn’t rest, he couldnt even make himself close his eyes. He was so excited for everything to come he just wanted it to be the next day so Khepri could teach him about more.

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Adali woke some time in the night, thirsty, and got up slowly and quietly so as not to wake Faigi. She was startled by Khepri when she walked into the kitchen, him holding a cup in his hands. “Sorry.” He said. “I wanted tea, I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course, you’re welcome to anything in our home.” She stood there for a moment until she started to feel awkward so she moved past him and got a glass.

“Thank you for letting me stay.” He said softly. “I know it must be hard.”

She paused for a moment, then filled her glass and turned. “It’s not, I thought it would be, but after seeing you with Valac, I’m happy you’re here. Even after he beat Othman, he still struggled with his gift, so thank you.”

He gave her a gentle smile. “I’m going to get to bed, I have a feeling Valac will have many questions in the morning and I want to be ready to answer them.”

“Alright, good night, Khepri.”

“Good night.”

She watched Khepri walk away, cup in hand and obviously being careful not to be noisy and disturb the sleeping house. He seemed so gentle, so submissive in their home and in an active way. It was reaffirmed in her again that Khepri was honest, that he truly just wanted to help her son and make amends for the crimes of his brother. Everyone slept peacefully the rest of the night and they woke to Valac and Bryn excitedly making breakfast. The kitchen smelled amazing, tell everyone exactly what was being prepared. The couple was busy working on Tiramisu French Toast Casserole with Banana nut waffles and mixed berry oatmeal.

Adali couldn’t help but kiss her son on the forehead and Bryn on the cheek “You two are heaven sent” she said and Faigi sighed “yes, but please tell me I just cant smell the coffe” Bryn blushed “oh sorry, we forgot” Bryn went to stop what she was doing but Faigi said “I’ll make it, you two have worked so hard already. Thank you, I cant wait to eat”

“Good morning.” Khepri said as he walked into the kitchen from the outside door. “That smells amazing.”

“How long have you been up?” Adali asked.

“Since first light,” he gestured to Valac, “I was setting something up for him.”

Valac turned to his uncle. “For me?”

“A fun way to use your powers.”


“A game, I thought you’d enjoy it. The catch is you can’t use your other senses.”

“Alright, I can’t wait.”

Adali and Faigi both smiled at how eager their son was. They would have never imagined spending their day with Othman’s brother, even Chua was more at ease. He was incredibly protective of everyone in the house. Faigi was happy to see that Adali was still so at ease around him. They got coffee for everyone, Adali handing Khepri a cup which got a smile from him. This experience was really good for her and she was relieved it hadn’t caused her to shut down.