Dream Worlds Are Born

Story 639 ~ Darryl & Garret 3

Darryl’s head ached and he let out a groan as he began to wake. A voice called his name through the haze, a familiar scent tickles his nose, sending hunger pulsing through him. “Darryl!” The voice was clearer now and he slowly opened his eyes, blinking to focus his vision. “Oh thank goodness.” Garret’s worried face looked down at him.

“Garret?” He could see bruises around his mate’s throat and started to set up, another wave of hunger hitting. He shook his head. What was happening? “Who did this to you?” He looked around. “Where are we?” It looked like they were in a cell of sorts.

“I don’t know, I…I woke up to him strangling me. I…”

“So you’re finally awake.” They both jumped as a voice filled the room. “I was beginning to think I’d have to play with fairy on my own.” They looked to the door. A man was standing on the other side of the bars, grinning at them.

Darryl pushed himself unsteadily to his feet and stumbled over to the bars, gripping them. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Darryl, careful.” Garret said as he followed him. He didn’t want him so close to this man.

The man chuckled. “I guess you wouldn’t recognize me like this. You can call me the Ripper.”

“Liar, he’s dead.”

“Oh this body isn’t mine, I’m simply borrowing it.”

“Possession? Bastard.” Darryl’s stomach twisted and he nearly doubled over. “What did you do to me…to Garret?”

“I choked him unconscious, but you…” he leaned in a little closer, “I drugged you then I drained your blood from your body. I thought, what would be the perfect revenge?” He glanced at Garret. “He smells quite delicious doesn’t he?” His grin widened. “How long can you resist?”

All other emotions, pains and hunger was pushed out of Daryls body with the flood of pure rage that swept through him. Wrong didn’t correct wrong and he was far too hungry and worried to take any kind of high ground at the moment. He didn’t much care what he had done to this being, he was just livid he was trying to get him not only to relapse into a mindless fairy blood addict but he was trying to get him to hurt the man he loved most. “You will not get your revenge! I would never hurt him, I’d die first!” Darryl snapped and the Ripper just laughed unjoyously “you’re a monster, you’ll always be a monster” he practically hissed back.

“Darryl, yelling wont help” Garret tried but the attention he drew to himself from Darryl didn’t help his vampire. Seeing those bruises only made his anger worse. Darryl had to listen to his beloved and this psycho keep arguing, doing nothing for the situation but working them up more but they were being so loud Darryl probably wouldn’t have even heard him if he spoke again to try to calm the situation. They needed to use reason and depending on why they were there Darryl might need to show some remorse.

Darryl was right, doing this probably wasn’t much better than whatever wrong his vampire had committed but they weren’t the ones with any kind of upper hand here and needed to do whatever they needed to do to get out of this cell. When The Ripper finally stormed off Garret said softly “Darryl” Darryl sat on the opposite end of the cell, not responding “Darryl” Garret tried again, not used to being ignored by his mate. These weren’t normal circumstances though, not in the least.

He needed to check on Darryl, make sure he was okay. He started to approach slowly, getting a growl in response. “Stay away.” He snapped.

“It’s okay.” He couldn’t begin to imagine what he was going through. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He took another step, watching as his mate flinched away.

“Please, stop.” Darryl could feel himself shaking, the urge to bite and feed at war with his need to protect Garret.

“You need to trust me.”

“You don’t understand.” Garret was closer, so close he could easily take him down.

“I know, but everything’s going to be alright.” He reached out, letting his fingers slide over his vampire’s cheek and Darryl let out a shuddering breath. “I’m not afraid.” He had Darryl’s face in his hands and he dropped down, examining him, ignoring the hungry, predatory look in his eyes.

“Garret, please.” He pressed his palms into the floor and tried to turn his head away, only for his nose to bump Garret’s wrist. He didn’t know if it was normal hunger or his past addiction, but he had to grit his teeth to keep from biting. He hated feeling and looking this weak, hated the shame that rose in him, and wished his mate didn’t have to see him like this.

“It doesn’t look like he hurt you too bad.”

“Now please go over there.”


“If I start, I won’t stop. You smell delicious, sweet, and I want it.”

Garret felt heat rise in his cheeks. “That’s okay.”

“It’s not.”

“It is.” He gently brushed his thumbs over Darryl’s skin, trying to help him relax. He really hated this, that The Ripper had come back to enact his twisted revenge. What was the guy he possessed going through? Was he aware his body was being used? “We need to get out of here.”

“I’d try bending the bars but I imagine our captor is smart enough to have material actually strong enough to hold me”

“he could be relying on you thinking that, why don’t you go try my love” Garret suggested in a whisper. Darryl sighed “could you please back up though? I’m…I’m so scared I’ll hurt you…or worse”

“I’m staying right by your side. He will not drive us apart and you would never be able to kill me.” The resolve in Garrets face made Darryl feel stronger himself. Garret truly didn’t fear him in the slightest, even now. He stood and just as Garret said he would he followed Darryl over to the bars but as Darryl suspected he couldn’t break or bend them. “It was worth a try…anything is really” Darryl said, his eyes falling to the floor.

“Darryl, we’ll find a way.” He took his mate’s face in his hands. “You’re cold.”

“I’ve lost a lot of blood.”


“No, don’t ask me to do that. I…I can’t. If I hurt you, if I killed you, I wouldn’t want to live anymore.”

“I’m not strong enough to get us out of here, I’m a night fairy, but you…”

“I can’t…I…” He moved forward, pressing their foreheads together. “I don’t want to kill you.”

“You won’t. You’re so strong.”


“Only if you have to then, okay? I won’t force you.”

“A last resort.”

“I promise.”

“Let’s look around, maybe there’s another way.”