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Strange Weather by Joe Hill: Snapshot




I wrecked more than I built, although I had successfully wired an Atari joystick into a radio, so I could jump from station to station by pressing the Fire button—a fundamentally stupid trick that nevertheless impressed the judges of the eighth-grade science fair, where it earned me the blue ribbon for creativity.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 3). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

Lol I would find it so cool if my son did that


crone’s. “Don’t let him take a picture of you. Don’t let him start taking things away.”

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 7). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

This sounds like its going to get really interesting!


I led her to the door and knocked, then rang the bell. I could’ve just let her in—it was her house, after all—but I didn’t think that suited the situation. I thought I ought to tell Larry Beukes where she had wandered and find some hopefully not-too-embarrassing way to let him know how confused she’d been.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 8). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

Yeah, I’d be really worried and wanting to tell someone close to her


I cant imagine the struggle her husband is going through with this happening to his wife


Chapter 2


did. I was fat, and I was lonely; in those days if you were the former, the latter was a given. I had plenty of time for walking old ladies home. I wasn’t neglecting my buddies. I didn’t have any.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 11). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.



matter. I wasn’t scared of Shelly Beukes. I felt she could forget everything about me, and everything about herself, and it still wouldn’t change her fundamental nature, which was affectionate, efficient, and incapable of any real malice.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 13). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

Yeah, I’m a firm believer in the fact we’re all born with a base personality and we’ll always have that base personality.


Chapter 3

Gosh I’m glad to be reading tonight


I feel really bad for this kid


It should’ve been a close-up of Mat. The lens had been right in his face. Instead it was a photograph of me.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 26). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.



Only it wasn’t a shot of me from a few minutes ago. It was from a few weeks earlier.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 26). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

and this gets even more interesting! Great choice in book Jen!


“Okay. Well. I owe you one for not letting him kick my ass. You saved my life there, Mat. Sincerely.” “Sure, sure,” he said, although he had narrowed his eyes and was giving me a puzzled smile, as if he weren’t quite sure what I was talking about. He considered me for a moment longer, then gave his head a little shake. “Hey, ask you something?” “Sure, what, Mat?” “You talk like we know each other. Have we met before?”

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 27). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.



Chapter 4


“Do I look like a kid who needs pie?” He glanced at me sidelong and said, “You look like a kid who maybe needs a shot of Pepto-Bismol. You okay?”

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 30). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

I can imagine how bad this kid probably looks from his day. Good lord, I just want to hug the poor thing


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


To add to my feeling of confidence and control, I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall around my ankles and stepped out of them. I had discovered some time ago that nothing frees the mind like dropping the pants. Try it if you doubt me. American productivity would, I believe, nearly double if everyone were free to work pantsless.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 42). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

Thats something I can get behind lol I hate wearing pants so freaking much. Wearing pajama pants is much more tolerable but boy, if I didn’t worry about traumatizing my kids there would be no pants ever when I was home lol but thankfully my husband buys me lots of comfortable pajama prisons :slight_smile: lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought, He will go, and I will call the police and warn them his wife is in danger. Again I asked myself, In danger from what? From who? A man with a Polaroid camera? I was thirteen, not thirty, and my dread, my anxieties, would count for nothing with the police. I would sound like a hysterical child.

Hill, Joe. Strange Weather (p. 45). William Morrow. Kindle Edition.

Yeah :confused: sadly he would


Chapter 7