Dream Worlds Are Born

Sylvie & Jarius 3


Sylvie, Isti and now ten year old Xeja were hanging out in the forest of seasons. Sylvie had noticed Isti seemed depressed lately so she was trying to get him our more. She still couldn’t figure out what was depressing him but she could always get him to perk up when they went somewhere together so she wasn’t too worried about it just yet. She hoped if it was something serious he’d talk to her, hadn’t they always talked about things troubling them?Xeja vanished but they could still smell her, she was under the snow somewhere. “now where did that girl go?” Sylvie asked playfully. Xeja suddenly shifted in the snow, using her dragon wings to fling snow everywhere, even pelting her mother and Uncle in it. They laughed, Isti helping his sister up “she reminds me of our father” he chuckled and Sylvie agreed. “she took on his good qualities though”

“yeah” A man they hadn’t noticed was also getting up, his clothes, hair eyes and almost everything about or on him was white so they hadnt seen him until Xeja cleared all that snow a few moments “hey, who are you?” Sylvie inquired. He began coming closer and she felt Isti tense “I don’t have a name”

“How can you not have a name?” Xeja asked, seeming more amused than scared of the man. “my kind don’t give eachother names”

“weird, how do you know when someone is speaking to you?”

“like right now?” she made a puzzled face then said “huh, maybe we dont need names”

“Names are helpful Xeja”

“I highly doubt you don’t have a name” Isti stated with suspicion. The man looked at Sylvie again “those eyes, they are beautiful”

“she has a mate”

“Lovely, it doesn’t change those beautiful eyes. Even in elves you don’t see purple too often, especially not that brilliant shade”

“Look weirdo, get moving”

“Isti, stop being over protective”

“He claims to not have a name Sylvie”

“He very well may not, there are many cultures that are vastly different from us Isti. I know you’re just being a loving brother but everythings okay”

“okay so what were you doing just watching us”

“you dont know how long I was there”

“Look, my sister and her daughter have a very kind, trusting nature but I know better than them when it comes to how much you can trust people. You need to take your creepy self away from my family” He ignored what Isti wanted and approached Sylvie “he’s not your master is he” she was fine until the man touched her face “woah” she pushed him back before continuing “like he said I have a mate, thats not okay”

“I just wanted a better look at your eyes” Isti shifted, being careful not to hurt his sister or niece. He lifted the man up in the air and flung him. He was high enough he’d be hurt but not so high he’d kill him.