Dream Worlds Are Born

Tatjana & Bleddyn 2


Bleddyn stormed into professor Tur Sadozai’s office. Before the professor could speak Bleddyn had the man by the collar of his shirt “you piece of garbage. How dare you fail my mate!” Tatjana frantically came in behind him “it’s okay Bleddyn”

“she’s worked so hard, you’re the final class she needs and you’re failing her because she refused your advances” He continued on. Tatjana spoke again “Bleddyn it’s fine, I’ll just drop out. I learned everything I need to”

“No you wont, you deserved to pass and this disgusting little pervert is abusing his power to try to make you have sex with him. I wont stand for it”

“she couldn’t prove I did anything, she’s a liar” He threw the pervert “Bleddyn stop right now! I mean it” Tatjana said angrily. Her professor was a creep and an asshole but she didn’t want Bleddyn doing this. Bleddyn was shaking with the control it took to stop for her “I know a lot of beings in the art world. I’m going to ask every female I know that has gone to this school if she had to sleep with you to pass. I have the money aswell to make sure our lawyer is a hell of a lot better than yours. I’m going to ruin your life in every way I can”

“Bleddyn, please, lets just leave okay” He walked out with her and they noticed the large gathering of people outside his office. Tatjana blushed and walked faster. Once in the car he said “I’m sorry I embarrassed you. You didn’t even do what you came to school to do”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have told you on the way here. I didn’t know you’d be so angry”

“Of course I’m angry. You passed damn it. It’s not like you failed and he was giving you an out. Still would be shitty of him of you earned passing that class Tatjana. It’s not fair”

“do you really want to go to court with him”

“don’t you want to protect future women in that class? I know you don’t need a degree. You’re an amazing artist, you learned everything you needed to learn and you still have me to teach you things but there are going to be women in that school that do need to pass and they shouldn’t have to sleep with him”

“I love you” that calmed him a little “I love you too. I really do feel bad I embarrassed you”

“You were just being the protective sweetie you always are”

“I’m going to make some reservations somewhere nice, hopefully for tonight”

“I’m okay Bleddyn”

“I know but…you shouldn’t have had to go through that situation” Once home Bleddyn began making calls, wanting to make up for what she went through with her professor and for embarrassing her. He found one that could squeeze them in. He already felt better when he saw how excited she was “thank you Bleddyn”

“lets cuddle a bit before we get ready. Its not far anyway” She followed Bleddyn into their bedroom and soon snuggled up to him. “I’m so proud of you Tatjana. I wish you were going to graduate”

“well we both know I would have and thats all I need” He kissed her head “might be a weird change in topic but I’ve been waiting to ask this”


“Do you want to have kids with me? I thought it would be selfish to ask while you were in school but…I was kind of hoping after you’d want to” He could see the question touched her “Oh Bleddyn, I’d really like that but first, lets get married. It’s kind of human tradition. My parents would appreciate being able to come to a wedding first and I want to have a really cute dress. A baby belly might make that hard” He ran a hand through her hair “Okay, that means I have to find us some rings then and I want you to hire a wedding planner to help you. I want it all to be fun, not stressful”

“are you sure?”

“yes, please do”

“Okay” she kissed him, the two lingering in it a long time before just going back to cuddling. They laid there until they knew they’d have to get ready or lose their spot at the restaurant.