The Banished of Muirwood (Covenant of Muirwood Book 1) by Jeff Wheeler ~ Chapters 1 - 4


My thoughts so far: I’m really happy when she was little someone thought to teach her how to rule since her mother couldn’t have anymore children. If only her father could have been more open minded instead of bitter. How he spoke to his wife after the very last miscarriage was sickening. She needed comfort and he was just sitting there wondering why he married her when he had a perfectly good child that could rule and marriage shouldn’t be about male heirs anyway. I get the sense a group of women caused something super terrible way back when which is why they forbid women to do magic and learn to read but all women shouldn’t be punished forever and I’m glad some can see that.

They dont say yet specifically why the dad ended up banishing his only child but since he thinks he’s being punished I bet he did it when he found out his daughter had been taught to read and use magic which is also heartbreaking. So far I like the main character and the assassin with her but I adore the hunter. I’m looking forward to him as a character.


Found it. … the whole series even lol


Oh wow, I’ll need the following books when I finish this. :grin: