Dream Worlds Are Born

The diviners by Libba Bray ~ whole book discussion


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Ch 3


This doesnt have ch numbers. So i made it easier


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I’m on “its just the bennington dear”


“City of dreams”

This guy is weird…and she went to his house…


Starting “evies dream”


The Manhattan Bridge grew bigger as they pulled onto Pike Street. In front of the tenements, a swarm of kids played stickball. As the car moved through, they watched it with narrow-eyed suspicion.
“Future hooligans,” Detective Malloy said as he parked the police car at the end of the street.


Its crazy all the reasons people use to assume kids are going to be bad when they grow up


“They don’t look much like killers,” Evie remarked.
“They never do,” Sam muttered.


True facts


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“Smoke and mirrors”

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Im hoping to get to page 200 or 250 tonight but will see.


“A heavenly star”
Approximately pg 260




“A goodly heritage”
Approx 100 pages left.
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Memphis just got falsely arrested