Dream Worlds Are Born

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern~ whole book discussion


This doesn’t have chapters… but I’m in part 2 (page 130)

“Did you drink it?” she repeats. “Oh…yeah, yeah I did.” “Good,” Mirabel says. “Did I have another option?” “You could pour it out or move the glass to the other side of the room or any number of things. But no one’s ever stayed who didn’t drink it.” The elevator dings and the doors slide open. “What did you do with it?” Zachary asks. Mirabel sits on one of the velvet benches and he takes a seat opposite. He’s pretty sure it’s the same elevator but he’s also pretty sure he dripped paint all over it and the velvet benches are worn but spotless. “Me?” Mirabel says. “Nothing.” “You left it there?” “No, I never did any of it. The dice or the drink me bit. The entrance exam.” “How’d you manage that?” Zachary asks. “I was born down here.” “Really?” “No, not really. I hatched from a golden egg that a Norwegian forest cat sat on for eighteen moons. That cat still hates me.” She pauses for a second before adding, “Yes, really.” “Sorry,” Zachary says. “This is all…this is a lot.” “No, I’m sorry,” Mirabel says. “I’d say I’m sorry you got dropped into the middle of this but truthfully I’m grateful for the company.”

This book is so magical. I’m loving it

200 pages in, on the third part :heart: