Dream Worlds Are Born

Tierney & Bradan 2


“why is this place so creepy” Tierney said as he shuddered away from another tree branch. Everything about this world was creepy, somehow even the plants and trees. It was the way they twisted, even their colors that had him creeped out. Bradan chuckled “you’re safe, not a lot lives here”

“but what does you’ve already said we need to get away from as soon as possible”

“I’ll know they are coming my love” Bradan picked up his mate causing Tierney to blush “I…I can walk”

“But you’re scared”

“I…I was mostly just talking” Bradan chuckled again “I want to carry you until we get to where we are going” The sky began turning green “whats happening?” Tierney asked and Bradan explained “Nobody is sure why the sky here changes colors. I guess nobody has wanted to be here long enough to study it” A chilling breeze caused Tierney to shudder so Bradan held him tighter “maybe you should pull out a jacket”

“No, it’s only cold when the breeze rolls by. I dont want to be taking it on and off” Bradan looked worried and Tierney smiled, feeling peace if even for a few moments in this place “You know you did change me into a demon. I’m no longer a fragile human”

“true, just don’t hesitate to say something if you need a jacket. We’re in no hurry beyond your own desire to get out of here”

“This place is interesting. I’ll try to relax”

“When you get over how odd and offsetting this world is it’s beautiful, in it’s own way.”

“It’s unique, I’ll give it that”

“I’m happy you came with me Tierney”

“I love coming with you to add to your collection” Bradan looked to the left a moment “something’s going to fly by. It wont hurt us though” He kept walking and as he predicted, an owl like creature flew past them. It was going impossibly fast but Tierney didn’t expect anything to do what would be normal here. “I thought all life here would be dangerous?”

“That’s actually not supposed to be here. Someone must have brought it from another world but thats highly irresponsible. Worlds have their own balance in the wildlife. It may not seem like bringing one pet would hurt but it can”

“so you think we’ll run into someone else then?”

“There’s no telling. If we do we’ll be alright”

“should we go after it?”

“we could be chasing that thing the rest of our lives. We can collect our stones and leave. Whatever damage that bird has done would have already been done by now anyway. It’s flying so expertly through the changing trees, it’s been here awhile.” Tierney looked up, his expression slowly forming into shock. He hadn’t realized the trees had been changing since they were constantly walking. Bradan chuckled “I’m surprised you didn’t notice”

“are they alive?”

“in a sense but all plants are in any world” Bradan was suddenly shifting, the man falling away and the inner demon emerging. Tierney admired him, truly thinking he looked amazing in this form “there, nice and relaxed again” Tierney blushed and Bradan kissed his head “my magic is too suppressed that way anyway. I want to be ready to keep you safe if the need for me to fight arises”

“I like looking at the real you” Bradan still felt relief when Tierney said things like that. He was still battling with insecurity when it came to his demon form. They came upon a river that was thulian pink with white stones all across the bottom “why is that so pretty” Tierney asked and Bradan chuckled “we should have brought a camera. We can come back if you ever want pictures my love”

“Maybe…this place is still creepy”