Dream Worlds Are Born

Travis & Grey

“Let go.” The man said as Travis clung to his wrist.

“No.” They were on a cliff face, Travis gripping a tree root with one hand and the man with the other. “I can…I can get us back up, just hold on.” The root started to pull away from the rock and he willed it to hold on for just another second.

“You have to.”

“Don’t.” He looked down into the man’s eyes, feeling tears coming to his own.

“It’s okay.” The man smiled. “Let me go.”

“I can’t.” The root made a popping noise as a piece broke away. Travis slipped, the force jolting them both.

The man smiled sadly up at him. “I love you.” Travis’s heart felt squeezed in his chest and the man let go and started jerking his arm.

“Don’t.” His grip on the man’s wrist was loosening. “Stop!” He slipped free and all Travis could do was stare in horror as he plummeted to the trees below.

Travis jerked awake, sitting up and panting, sweat drenched, his heart beating so hard he was sure it would break free from his chest. That dream again, that man, and the overwhelming sense of loss that came with them. Why? He looked at his clock. It was three in the morning. He got up, needing a shower and maybe some coffee.

Grey stepped off the bus and looked around the city. So this was the place. He looked down at the address for the modeling agency he was supposed to check in at when it opened. Newport Industries, owned by Sacha Newport and her brother Travis. He had heard about Travis, had seen his work. He was an amazing photographer and Grey was looking forward to working with him. Sacha had assured him he would be in the best of hands with Travis, that if anyone could make his career take off, it was Travis. She had referred to him as a “camera magician”.