Dream Worlds Are Born

Uprooted by Naomi Novick *whole book discussion




Starting :slight_smile:


Ch 3 (10% in audiobook)


Ch 5


Ch 8


Its interesting how she is the first girl in 100 years (approx) to make it out of the forest.


Ch 10


Ch 16

This audibook (e-audio) copy from the library is really cutting and skipping out and its distracting. I think im following along well enough that i at least know whats going on. Its frustrating




Ch 26




Finally making progress. I’m not surprised the women leave who the dragon takes since they come from a village of men who would consider a woman “ruined” for living with someone for 10 years lol yay for them leaving, continuing their education and finding better men than the ones in that village


Lol theres always gotta be a first. Plus it would be the super special girl a book would get written for :stuck_out_tongue: