Dream Worlds Are Born

Valerie &


Valerie tossed and turned in bed again. In her dreams she was following a cat when suddenly it shifted, plunging a knife right into her heart before she could even register what had happened. She collapsed and heard him whisper menacingly “got you again you fucking bitch” those words were resounding in her head as she gasped, sitting up in bed. She put a hand over her heart, actually feeling pain. She always felt the pain of the many ways she was murdered when she woke up after them. She sighed with relief as she took in her studio apartment. She was home, it was just another nightmare to tell her psychiatrist about.

She had been having these dreams her entire life. Some were so gruesome from the start her parents took her to a psychiatrist. She still saw one to this day, enjoying having someone to talk to about it. She of course had friends and family but she almost needed to talk about it at times and she didn’t want to tell them the stories and watch the same horror cover their faces. First thing Valerie did was start a pot of coffee, wanting it to be ready after her morning jog. She then dressed in running clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and headed out.

As she ran she wondered why they felt so real. No dreams felt quite like the ones she was murdered in. They were almost like memories but she hoped one day she’d finally stop, that she could finally just rest at night without the torment of those nightmares. It felt amazing out today and she smiled when she passed a family already out enjoying the weather with their small child.

Her watch began to vibrate, letting her know she had a call. She answered it, the call going right into the headphones she was wearing “Hello?” she slowed to a walk. “Valerie, I know it’s your day off but two people have called in sick. Please come in, I know you’ve been picking up the slack a few months now but I swear we’re trying to find some new hires so we can fire these idiots”

“I’d like to finish up my jog and have breakfast first”

“Thats fine, I’m so grateful”

“Extra hours are good, just means more money next pay check”

"I’m going to make sure you get a bonus too. "

“Its okay”

“No, this isn’t, you’re going to get a bonus. I just dont know how much yet. Enjoy your run and have a good breakfast, don’t feel rushed”

“see you soon” She started her music again and continued running, taking a shorter route since work needed her. She was honestly excited for more hours. Valerie had been wanting to upgrade her home computer and if this check was really good she could couple it with her savings and finally have the exact computer she wanted.Once home she made a simple breakfast, ate, showered, dressed then hurried over to the airport where she worked.

She was kept so busy her dreams were far from her mind. Due to people not showing up for work she was there well past dinner. By the time Valerie arrived home she simply flopped down on her couch and ordered Chinese food, hoping she wouldn’t fall asleep before they got here. To help her stay awake long enough to eat she turned on her tv and went over to Netflix, deciding to catch up on Seven Deadly Sins. It was a pretty good anime despite the fact the 3rd seasons was ripping her heart out.

She was received when she heard the knock at her door and gratefully accepted the food. As she rummaged through her bag for a receipt she noticed she had never seen this driver before “you must be new. I order from here a lot”

“Yeah, I am…do you live alone?” he asked and she paused, giving him a brief weird look before looking back into her purse and handing him a tip. The question unsettled her and she wanted him to leave. Thankfully as soon as she handed over the money he walked away, not pressing for an answer and thankfully not trying to kill her. Valerie shut and locked her door “please be awake. I don’t want to be killed again” she decided not to complain to the company about the delivery man, knowing she could be over sensitive due to her nightmares.

She didn’t want someone to be fired over a possibly innocent question. It was definitely a weird question but we lived in an increasingly weird world she told herself. Valeire enjoyed her food and watched a few more episodes before settling into bed for the night “Please god, if you exists please let me have a peaceful night” With a full stomach and exhausted body she was out like a light in a matter of moments. Morning came and she supposed she had slept too hard to dream at all since she didn’t remember anything.

When she left her room her heart dropped, her home was ransacked and worst of all, painted in either red paint or blood on her living room wall was the words “I found you again” she screamed at the top of her lungs in horror which caught the attention of a neighbor that had been outside checking their mail. The neighbor ran in and didn’t even ask a single question when they saw the place. They called 911 and soon officers were in her home asking questions. First thing she did was tell them about the odd delivery man and they assured her they’d check it out. After the police left the neighbor offered to let Valerie come over to her house which Valerie gratefully accepted “I need to call my parents. They’ll be upset if they find out another way”

“You’ll just sit on my couch as soon as we get in, I’ll make us some tea” Valeire hugged her neighbor though they barely knew eachother. Once inside Valerie sat down and phoned her mother “Hey baby” her mother greeted lovingly. Valerie told her about last night and about how her home was when she woke today “It’s just like my nightmares”