Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo ~ Chapters 11 - 20




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Ch 18.


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(Ch 19)
“Maybe they’re not looking for us?” Nim murmured. “Yeah,” whispered Alia. “They’re probably going to use those guns to shoot the olives off the trees.”


They sank to their bellies in the grass just as two men emerged from the front door of the house. “Police?” whispered Alia. “Those guns don’t look like standard police issue.” The men wore nondescript blue uniforms, but the long, ugly guns they carried looked like those Diana had seen their attackers use. “That’s some serious firepower,” said Theo. “Are you surprised?” asked Jason. “That they’re willing to just walk around the Greek countryside brandishing semiautomatics? Kind of.”


“What are you?” he gasped.
A hundred answers came to mind, but she opted for the easiest one. “A tourist.”



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She didn’t like looking out into the dark and seeing her own face reflected back at her. She didn’t want to think about the fact that she was hurtling through the air in a machine that mortals had constructed from metal and plastic and what seemed to be an unwarranted optimism in their own innovation. If she’d been the one at the controls it might have been different, but she did not like being in someone else’s hands, no matter how reassuring Ben’s manner and military experience might be.

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She felt her ankle twist, felt rock scrape along her back and sides. She tucked her knees and rolled. The canopy caught the wind, dragging her along, then finally collapsed. She skidded to a halt.

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Diana coiled the rope at her hip, using the time to quell some of her anger. Alia was right. Maybe Jason was right, too. But he was also a hypocrite. The whole time he’d been badgering her for information, he’d been keeping his strength a secret.
“Well,” said Theo into the silence. “I guess now I know why he always wrecked me at basketball.”
Alia cast him a skeptical glance. “I’ve seen you play basketball, Theo. He beat you because you’re terrible.”
With great dignity, Theo stated, “I’m good on the fundamentals.”