Dream Worlds Are Born

Zane Jr & Arthur 2


Zanr Jr soared through the air with his mate Arthur resting in his claws. They were days away from the village outside the castle they lived in. The couple was traveling so ZJ could show him a type of animal he had only just realized his mate had never seen. The moment ZJ realized it he had wanted to go and as always Arthur would follow him anywhere. It was always nice to get away just the two of them anyway. ZJ was flying low since he enjoyed the area, thats how he noticed a ruin that shouldn’t be there. He circled over it, confused. He had been with Arthur thirty years and it had only been fifty since he had been out this way. How had something so large been built, destroyed and overgrown in just that time?

It peaked ZJ’s curiosity enough he carefully landed, placing his mate down before shifting back into six foot, blue eyes blonde he was when he was human. Zane wasn’t always the best at setting his mate down without waking him so he was grateful that he had managed it this time. ZJ was starving due to how much he had been flying lately. He’d find some food, prepare it and then wake his mate to show him what they had stumbled upon. Zane had walked about thirty minuets away from his mate and was growing frustrated that he couldn’t find so much as a small animal or even a tree producing fruit.

He was contemplating going back to his mate and trying a different direction when a fist came into jarring contact with his face. He wasn’t phased, Zane pulled his sword out of it’s sheath, ready to fight. It was a wild looking woman. Her clothes were tattered and her hair looked like it hadn’t been brushed or washed properly in a year or more. Even the way she stood seemed barely human. Zane had to wonder if she had some sort of mental illness and an uncaring family that just dropped her somewhere to die and not be their problem anymore.

“what’re you doing here!” she yelled in Kumig. He groaned internally. He knew the language but he wouldn’t call himself a master at it by any means. This would have been hard to handle even if they both were fluent in the same thing. It took him a second, wanting to be as sure as possible he was saying what he meant to say “I’ve stopped here with my mate, he’s a ways back. I noticed the ruins and wanted to investigate. What’re you doing here?”

“Leave” she said almost emotionally, like she wanted to cry “Hey, if you’re in some sort of trouble we can help. My only stipulation is you don’t punch me again” He hoped he wouldn’t regret it as he sheaved his sword, trying to show her he wasn’t a threat incase he wasn’t even as good at this language as he thought he was. It was a mistake, she was a caster and sent a blue light through him which knocked Zane back into a tree. It hurt like hell, it felt like she had instantly bruised his organs. He groaned loudly and by the time the brightness of it had stopped blinding him she was gone “damn it”

He knelt down, holding his stomach. Just when he thought he was going to be fine he threw up. “damn it” he said again. He had no idea where she had gone and though most would think him crazy he wanted to find her again. She might actually be a little mad and if that was the case it would be cruel to let her die out here. She needed at least some form of help and however violent she was he wouldn’t leave her to die. He began walking back to his mate, wondering what Arthur would think about all this.

His mate was still soundly sleeping so he gently shook him awake, almost throwing up again from the movement. Arthur set up, looking concerned once his eyes focused “you look ill”

“I had quite the encounter while you rested” He explained why he left him and everything about the strange woman. “I mean, she’s obviously been through something terrible or she’s crazy. In either case I don’t want to leave her”

“take something at least to help your stomach heal from whatever she did” Arthur began digging through their bag and pulled out a vial, handing it to ZJ. ZJ downed it then laid down “at least I’m not hungry anymore”

“you probably are but now I don’t want to leave you alone to hunt down something myself”

“I’m a dragon Arthur. Worst case scenario I’ll shift again”

“we dont know what she is or what else is here”

“Arthur, don’t over worry. Find us some food while I let this medicine take affect. I will shift if I feel at all threatened. I just didn’t want to scare her before once I took her in. I mean, she looked so rough.” Arthur kissed his head “I wont be gone long” Arthur flew off and ZJ laid there, begging his innards to stop hurting. Arthur came back in ten minuets “you have to be kidding me. I can’t believe you found something that fast”

“Its just blueberries” Zane sat up, taking some “thank you”

“Next time we land in a weird place could you wake me please”

“I suppose. I was actually kind of proud of myself for not waking you”

“You must be getting more graceful with your landings”