Dream Worlds Are Born

Zephyr & Adlai 2


Zephyr sat up in bed, looking over at his sleeping fiance and smiling. He leaned down to kiss her cheek then walked over to the bathroom in their room. They were on a cruise ship, It was not only the first cruise of her life but their first trip since their engagement. He had confessed to her part of the reason why her best friend Karen didn’t like to share too many personal details and the double edge to his sisters teasing when she’d joke about him being preternatural. She had taken the fact that he and his half sister were Nuckelavee incredibly well and this cruise was a way to thank her for it. He obviously loved the sea and he had already known she had not experienced a cruise in her life. They were taking one that would last two weeks, taking them to many amazing ports where he planned to show her the most amazing time of her life as a thank you for not only accepting him and his sister but agreeing to spend her life with him.

She had been overflowing with questions and he answered them with Karen at his side the best he could, even shifting for her both on land and in the pool. His form was different on land than it was in the water and he wanted her to know everything before he asked her to marry him. Her next question came as no surprise “do you look the same Karen?” she shook her head “some beings can have half breeds but not Nuckelavee. I may share a father with Zephyr but I’ll never be able to shift or have any special abilities. I wont even live forever like he will. I can’t give you a reason why. It’s seriously just as simple as not all beings can pass traits on if both parents aren’t the same breed.”

Zeph began speaking again “an example being if my dad had sex with an angel the child would just be an angel when they were born really. Karen has a human mother so is technically just a human because she wont develop Nuckelavee traits…it’s why we are so rare. Mixed breeding obviously happens a lot and thats fine for most, they wont go extinct but Nuckelavee are dyeing out”

He was thinking about that conversation as he showered. He was incredibly close to his sister, had tried to give her options to be immortal as well many times but she insisted she wanted to live a human lifespan. Now that he loved a human he wanted to offer the same chance to Adlai and hoped that maybe since Adlai was her best friend, if she said yes maybe he wouldn’t have to mourn his sisters death either. Though is stood to reason Adlai might be the same. When he offered her options to live forever with him she might make him watch her grow old and die aswell. He was near tears when he forced himself to shake it off.

This was going to be a happy cruise. This was his thank you to Adlai for loving him and he wouldn’t taint it. This was another conversation for their future, maybe when she brought up children. If she allowed him to make her immortal before children their children would be immortal and he knew that would make the offer much more tempting.

Zephyr just stood under the hot spray, lost in his thoughts until Adlai pulled the curtain back to join him “good morning” she said sweetly but obviously still trying to wake up. He smiled at her “good morning” she hugged him and despite the fact she felt cold since he was so warm he melted into it. “I know you signed us up for some stuff. Is any of that today?” she asked before starting to get her hair wet to clean it. “today is a free day. Nothing I planned starts until tomorrow. There was a few things today but nothing that wont happen again another day. Since this is your first cruise I thought you might want to start it exploring the ship”

“You’re so good at guessing what would make me happiest. Are you sure that isn’t some ability of yours?” she asked with a grin, grabbing the small bottle of shampoo to squeeze some out. “I’m sure” he enjoyed letting his eyes travel Adlais body as she cleaned herself. Once she was done he got out aswell “want to join the breakfast buffet or have room service?”

“I don’t think I can stay in the room another second. I’m too excited”

“Buffet it is then my love” The two dressed and left their room, both starving and eager to walk around. They were a little late to breakfast so it didn’t take too long to go through and fill their plates. Finding a place to sit however proved more difficult but they finally found a spot “this is actually better than I expected. Buffet food tends to suck” Zephyr chuckled “this is one of the more expensive cruises. All the food should be incredible, especially since I’ve paid for us to be able to have the special dinners every night.” she kissed his cheek “I love you so much Zephyr…thank you so much for this. You really have spent too much again”

“You’re happy, thats worth any amount of money. I want you to experience everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s for me too, we’re going to have so much fun during our life together, I’m going to make sure of it”