Dream Worlds Are Born

Zorion & Renato 3


“You said if I talked to you, then you would stop with the protests.” Renato said as he sat across from his parents in their living room.

“Renato, won’t you see reason.” His mother said. “Everything can be forgiven, we’ll pray together, we’ll heal together.”

“I’m not leaving Zorion and coming back to this place. I’m not going to go back to lying to make you happy. I’m gay and I’m proud of that fact.”

His father glared at him. “It was that…that abomination who corrupted you.”

Renato stood. “I won’t have you talking about Zorion that way. He’s been nothing but kind and supportive of me and he’s never raised a hand to me.” He let out a sigh. “Just leave us alone.” He left their house, hating that he still felt hurt by their rejection. He had only come because they promised to call off their friends and they still talked down to him and denied his true self. All he wanted was to get home to Zorion and relax.


As he drove home he was grateful all over again Zorion had never given up on him. He had pushed him away so hard, so many times because of those terrible people. He would have missed out on truly being loved and still been miserable with his parents. He hadn’t even realized how miserable he was until he had been with Zorion awhile and saw what a truly happy, unjudged life was like. The main thing he wanted to do for his love and his pack was get rid of these persistent protesters but he still couldn’t figure out how to do it. For now, he just wanted to think of something else he could do to make Zorion happy.

He brainstormed in the car but couldn’t settle on anything, mostly because he didn’t want to do anything cliche for him. He wanted to do something for Zorion that would be uniquely them but what? Was his imagination even good enough to think of something original to let his love know how grateful he was to have him. Renato was pulling his keys out of the ignition when hesaw his mate. As he stepped out he said “I told you I’d be fine”

“I couldn’t help but worry”